Congratulations to our 2019 APAC Partner Award Winners

Every year we celebrate the very best creativity and achievement in travel marketing from around the globe with our Expedia Group Media Solutions Partner Awards. We are delighted to share the 2019 winners from our APAC region, which demonstrated travel marketing campaign excellence, sophistication and insights-led strategies. This year we recognize the following successes.

APAC Destination Campaign: Tourism New Zealand

This spring campaign with Tourism New Zealand was highly strategic, aimed at raising awareness of five different South Island touring routes and driving sales for each of them. Expedia Group Media Solutions’ creative team developed innovative banner designs that linked to the respective touring route pages, each including a route map, inspiring destination content and deals to the route in question. The addition of a Facebook carousel post allowed all five routes to be promoted together and enabled visitors to directly access the pages. The collaboration resulted in overall ROAS of nearly 17:1, featured hotel room night growth of 31%, featured activities ticket growth of 35% and created a strong reach with seven million impressions during the campaign.


ANZ Campaign: Tourism Western Australia

Expedia Group Media Solutions’ campaign with Tourism Western Australia was designed to promote Perth to Singaporean travelers. The campaign, jointly supported by Expedia Group and Tourism Western Australia, involved a co-branded TV activation, designed to highlight all the exciting things on offer in Perth and drive booking demand though To complement the advertisement, Expedia Group Media Solutions implemented a comprehensive digital conversion strategy, utilizing a wide range of digital display advertising, along with audience extension, email and social marketing tools.


APAC Airline Campaign: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines worked with Expedia Group Media Solutions to maximize their exposure and reach millions of potential customers through this inventive campaign. Focused on the Japanese market, the campaign was run in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board and utilized a Trip Discovery tool to showcase all that Singapore has to offer visitors. The campaign saw impressive ROAS and generated over six million impressions.


APAC TravelAds Campaign: Sotetsu Hotels, The Splaisir

This Expedia Group Media Solutions campaign was initially designed to help Sotetsu Hotels increase visibility for a new hotel offering, following an acquisition and rebrand of the property. After the delivery of a successful campaign with the Dongdaemun based property in August 2018, Sotetsu Hotels decided to run campaigns for another property in Myeong Dong, Seoul in November that year. The two campaigns delivered over 2,000 incremental room nights and year-on-year production was around 30% for the Dongdaemun property and 100% for the Myeong Dong property.


APAC Most Innovative Campaign: Korea Tourism Organization

This Creative Partnership with Korea Tourism Organization showed prospective travelers the best ways to experience the wonders of Korea. The beautifully designed online concierge service allowed visitors explore and plan their perfect trip though a series of interactive steps. Aside from learning about all Korea has to offer, visitors to the bespoke microsite were also served tailored itineraries, which could be booked through their local Expedia website. A range of display advertising products were used to drive consideration and bookings, while smart targeting promoted the concierge to travelers searching for Korea and competing East Asian markets. The tool also provided the ability to track interaction and bookings made. The campaign was a great success, showing ROAS of 21:1 and an almost 20% increase in passenger demand during the campaign period.

Korea Concierge Service

We have had a great time working on these campaigns with our partners in Asia Pacific and are thrilled to celebrate their success with these well-deserved awards. We work with a wide range of brands across the region, spanning travel and non-travel sectors and look forward to collaborating with them on many innovative campaigns in the coming year and beyond.

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