Open for Business: The Puerto Rico Tourism Company Leverages Travelocity to Reinvigorate Travel Following Hurricane Maria

While Puerto Rico is continuing to recover from Hurricane Maria, most of the sights and attractions of the island are ready for visitors to experience. Alongside Travelocity, we teamed up with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to help spread the word that Puerto Rico is ready to welcome travelers, and visitors can enjoy the beauty and history of the island, while also playing a part in strengthening the island’s economy and contributing to recovery efforts. 

This week, we kicked off a marketing campaign to help shift public perception of the situation in Puerto Rico and drive traveler visitation. The campaign includes on-site advertising placements, a dedicated page highlighting the hotels and resorts that are open for business in Puerto Rico, and useful content about Puerto Rico on the Travelocity® “Inspire” blog. 


In addition to the digital media plan, two of Travelocity’s “Gnational Gnomad” influencers recently visited the island and shared their experiences firsthand on their social channels and the Travelocity blog and social channels. To further drive traveler intent and reinforce that now is the time to visit Puerto Rico, consumer discounts and promotions were also featured in all of the content. 


Travel and tourism will always be an important factor in reinvigorating the economy and supporting destination recovery after disaster strikes. We are very happy to be working with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company on this initiative and will continue to partner with brands and destinations around the world to support tourism and recovery in times of need. You can stay up to date on our latest campaigns by subscribing to our blog with the form above.