The Travelocity Gnome Inspires Portland Travel Through Social Media

As the wisest traveler of them all, I’ve picked up quite a few skills on my adventures — including how to tell an incredible story. There’s a lot you can see from a Gnome’s-eye-view, and it’s this perspective that keeps my fans captivated with each and every journey.

Although I started in the garden, I’ve grown to become the head gnomad and official Travelocity ambassador and a leader in social media marketing. I’ve picked up quite a few devoted fans made up of travel lovers, adventure seekers and foodies of the world, and they turn to my channels to find inspiration on where to go next. My fan following allows me to continue to travel around the world in style by helping generate hundreds of thousands of impressions on my content, not to mention engagement rates that far surpass standard benchmarks.

What do I love best about what I do? Telling a story from a real traveler’s perspective — my own! The content on my channels is never overly promotional, and I capture an authentic narrative from start to finish — one that’s inspirational, yet attainable, for my audience.


My trip to Portland was one adventure in particular that resonated well with my fans, generating over 900,000 impressions and 132,262 engagements through my social media marketing channels alone. As a whole, our adventure generated 1,544,268 impressions through social media, website, email, and digital advertisements — all of which helped to position Portland as a prime getaway for their target markets.

Gnome_Kruger's Farm.jpg

Because I travel so frequently, I like to keep things fresh — and Portland was no different. I was able to share with my fans all that makes the city unique — like where to find the best donuts, the most iconic selfie spot (hint: it’s under St. John’s bridge) and the coolest cat café experience, to name a few.

Gnome_Twitter_St.Johns Bridge.jpg

I worked with Portland to showcase the city’s strongest points: the phenomenal food and brewery culture, outdoor recreation, and the city’s famously quirky spirit. Through my travel story, I was able to help position Portland as a bucket list destination for foodies and outdoor adventure enthusiasts alike, giving them a visual itinerary of what their next journey could look like.

Gnome_Twitter_Purringtons Cat Cafe.jpg

Through the years, I’ve been able to help airlines, hotels, convention and visitors bureaus, and even had a debut on Broadway, by weaving engaging narratives to showcase their brands through various social media marketing channels. No matter where I go, I find the most interesting, unique and exciting things about each travel experience, and I encourage my fans to get out and see it all for themselves.

Drop me a line to reserve an appointment. I’ve got quite a busy schedule, but I can never resist the lure of a good adventure. 

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Roaming Gnome

The Roaming Gnome is the head gnomad for Travelocity, overseeing all wandering and adventure (official and unofficial). As a travel expert with nearly 15 years of experience, The Roaming Gnome is a strong advocate for traveling worry-free, planning for the unexpected and being in the moment. Whether sampling cuisines from far-off lands, sailing across the seas or befriending locals everywhere, The Roaming Gnome is the wisest wanderer and loves to share his discoveries with the world.

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