Tourism Toronto and Air Canada Refresh Stopover Campaign to Inspire Destination Discovery

Touted as ‘Canada’s Downtown’, Toronto is a culturally rich city with robust arts, shopping, fashion, sports, and food scenes. It is also the gateway to a plethora of overseas locations and features over 200 connections with Air Canada. With that in mind, Tourism Toronto and Air Canada, together, collaborated with us last year on a campaign to drive travelers to visit Toronto on a stopover during their travels. Now, we are launching phase two of the “#TorontoStopover” campaign.

The new content hub features an integrated content experience designed to inspire travelers from the U.S. and U.K. to plan their next holiday with a stopover in Toronto with no additional flight costs, exclusively with Air Canada. #TorontoStopover leverages Expedia Group’s proprietary, first party data, global reach, and creative capabilities to encourage destination exploration and drive stopover demand for Toronto.

 Toronto Stopover screenshot

Phase two of the campaign also uses Trip Discovery, an interactive landing page solution developed by Expedia Group Media Solutions to provide potential travelers with targeted recommendations based on their interests and travel habits. #TorontoStopover content highlights the convenience of visiting Toronto and encourages guests to experience everything Toronto has to offer. Through inspirational images and videos, insider travel tips, transportation information, nearby hotel options, and neighborhood guides, the hub is an valuable resource for potential travelers to discover the multicultural metropolis that is Toronto. The hub is supported by sophisticated, dynamic advertising that will target British travelers searching for flights to the U.S. and American travelers searching for flights to Asia, and entice them to book a stopover in Toronto.

Toronto Stopover screenshot Explore Toronto

Running through the end of the year, the refreshed digital campaign will continue to support Tourism Toronto’s objective of driving more visitors to the city by promoting it as a stopover destination for American and British travelers traveling to or from Asia or the U.S. at no additional charge, exclusively with Air Canada.

Additional campaign support includes content from Toronto-based influencers, social media and email marketing, and an integrated booking experience on the content hub. #TorontoStopover was developed by Expedia Group Media Solutions’ in-house creative agency, Creative Partnerships, which collaborates with partners to create unique and compelling experiences to reach engaged travel shoppers.

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