Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome Drives an Innovative Campaign with Thrifty Car Rental

Traveling has taken me all over the world, and it’s taught me many valuable lessons—like how to craft a compelling story from a Gnome’s eye point of view. With this perspective, I decided to venture to the Lone Star state to see if everything really is bigger in Texas.

I teamed up with Thrifty Car Rental for my road trip and they gave me a fun-filled itinerary, with all sorts of famous and quirky suggestions of what to do in Texas, from the San Antonio River Walk to driving down Route 66. As I scooted around the state, I documented my road trip on my social media channels and my followers virtually tagged along.

roaming gnome car rental

While I was off gallivanting around Texas, Thrifty was busy promoting its digital media campaign in a combined effort to showcase my travels and entice visitors to book travel with them. Thrifty capitalized on the road trip theme of my vacation and offered great deals where my followers could catch road trip fever, book their own car, and experience the ultimate Texas Road trip itinerary on Thrifty’s site.

roaming gnome texas

The documentation of my road trip with Thrifty included enticing pictures of landmarks and tips on things to do, and my adventure generated nearly 800,000 impressions and nearly 106,000 engagements through my social media channels alone. As a whole, my adventure with Thrifty Car Rental generated nearly 1.5 million impressions through social media, website, email, and digital advertisements — all of which helped to position Thrifty Car Rental as a prime trip planner and car rental site for their target markets.

Over the years, I’ve been able to work with airlines, hotels, destination marketing organizations, and even a debut on Broadway, by weaving engaging narratives to showcase their brands through various social media marketing channels. I love helping brands and no matter where I travel, I find the most interesting, unique, and exciting things about each experience, and encourage my fans and followers to get out and see it all for themselves.

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