Going Digital to Increase Bookings: Shenandoah Makes a Mark on Houston

The Shenandoah Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) reached out to Expedia Media Solutions in an effort to attract conference and hotel bookings that traditionally go to Shenandoah’s larger neighbor, Houston. Despite a variety of excellent hotels and meeting venues in Shenandoah, most individuals who stay in the area had little knowledge of the city. This limited brand awareness resulted in fewer stays than the CVB, and local hotels, desired.

As previous marketing strategies had consisted primarily of print media, the Shenandoah CVB hoped that a partnership with Expedia Media Solutions would expedite the bureau’s transition into digital marketing. The objective of the campaign was to test a digital approach to raise awareness of the city and increase hotel bookings through a trackable and analytics-driven strategy.

Expedia Media Solutions partnered with the Shenandoah CVB and hotel supply team to increase exposure of Shenandoah’s hotels through sponsored listings and premium hotel placements across Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotwire, Travelocity, AirAsiaGo, and Wotif. By featuring Shenandoah properties within search results, Shenandoah hotels, and the city as a whole, gained increased visibility.


Over the one-month campaign, Shenandoah listings received over 80,000 additional impressions and a 14:1return on investment on ad spend – with a substantial increase in hotel bookings and awareness of Shenandoah as a destination for both business and leisure travelers.

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