How Netherlands Tourism Board Inspires Travelers to Explore Holland

Given the size of Holland, venturing around and exploring the region is somewhat easy for travellers. To educate travellers on the vast array of places to explore and activities to experience, outside of the well-known Amsterdam, and showcase the region’s accessibility, the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) teamed up with us to create an interactive online hub for travellers to plan their ideal trip to Holland.

Launched in May and available on Expedia sites in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the U.K. and the U.S., Holland Trip Builder site encouraged users to click on activities they want to discover – from learning about Dutch design, to admiring the flowers, to wandering through traditional Holland. Recommendations of where to go and what to see are tailored to the user’s responses, and users are provided with a personalised travel itinerary that is easily bookable on Expedia. The Holland Trip Builder is promoted and accessible via 360 banner ads on Expedia sites in the participating regions, and will run in two bursts, from June to July and September through November.

Holland trip builder.png

This is not the first time NBTC and Expedia Media Solutions have worked together to promote the destination. In 2015, travellers “flocked to unlock” Vincent Van Gogh’s famous works of art for a chance to win a trip to the Netherlands. The campaign was a huge success and was awarded with industry honours and accolades from Hermes, Internet Advertising Competition, HSMAI Adrian Awards and W3 Awards.

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