Tourism Malaysia Launches New Campaign to Reignite International Travel

As with many destinations, the pandemic impacted tourism in Malaysia, especially from international travelers. With borders re-opening and travel interest soaring, Tourism Malaysia is looking to connect with travelers and rebuild tourism to the region. To drive this, the destination marketing organization (DMO) recently partnered with our team to launch a campaign promoting Malaysia, spotlighting its hidden and unique tourist attractions through integrated marketing.

Doug Park, Vice President of Operations and Services and Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Binti Shukri, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia

Driving International Travel to Malaysia

As a destination with renowned beaches, jungle adventures, and culture, Malaysia has plenty to offer to travelers looking for their next trip. However, the pandemic slowed international travel and tourism, which is an important part of the country’s economy.

Now, Tourism Malaysia is looking to rebuild its reigns as a top tourist destination by connecting with the 750+ million global visitors on Expedia Group’s brands. The campaign is aimed to connect with international travelers and drive traffic from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Solidifying the Strategic Partnership

On May 26, executives representing Tourism Malaysia and Expedia Group Media Solutions exchanged documents of mutual appreciation and support of a strategic partnership.

“Through sharing our travel insights and collaborating on a series of promotional marketing initiatives together with Expedia Group, we aim to be a force for good, especially in sharing the benefits of tourism and in the coming months, help Malaysia rebuild tourism in a post-pandemic era,”

Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Binti Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia.  

“[This] announcement highlights Tourism Malaysia’s commitment towards greater cooperation and close relationship with Expedia Group. We hope that Expedia Group will continue to play a key role in advancing Malaysia’s tourism ambitions to promote itself as a unique and culturally diverse tourist destination for travelers all around the world.”

Driving Interest in Malaysia with New Campaign

In the new campaign, we will be leveraging a combination of dedicated landing pages, display advertising on and off of Expedia Group sites, social media marketing, and dedicated email sends. The campaign also showcases the allure and unique opportunities Malaysia has to offer. Our award-winning Creative Partnerships team put together a Travel Spotlight to inspire, influence, and engage travel shoppers.

Tourism Malaysia Travel Spotlight Image

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Eunice Ewe

Senior Manager, Business Development

Eunice Ewe is a Senior Business Development Manager at Expedia Group Media Solutions, where she drives business development for the Asia Pacific region. She works closely with destination marketing organizations and tourism boards across APAC to develop data-driven marketing campaigns. Eunice previously held roles at The Star Media Group, Ink Global, and Travelzoo, where she was able to build her career in digital advertising and AdTech. She is a firm believer that an outstanding campaign combines great storyline and creative visuals, tugging at the heartstrings while engaging people authentically. Eunice is also an avid traveler and islander who has visited hundreds of countries and islands, with more to come.

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