Navigating Travel Advertising During a Crisis

While these are tough times for many around the world, for individuals as well as businesses and industries, one thing that always inspires me is how people come together in times of need. I find that especially true in the travel industry. We all know the well-known quote: to travel is to live. Our job is to help bring the world within reach for those who want to travel, and do so in safe and responsible ways at all times for our travelers and our partners.

We at Expedia Group Media Solutions are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 around the world, and we are working to help our advertising partners navigate in this rapidly changing landscape. While different countries and areas are at various stages of impact, know that travelers are still visiting our Expedia Group sites around the world for information.

We also have a history of helping destinations around the world in times of need with recovery. When the timing is right, if you’d like to discuss recovery efforts, we are here to support our advertising partners with insights and guidance on appropriate media strategies to connect with those looking to travel.

If you have specific questions, please reach out directly to your Expedia Group Media Solutions contact; we are here to help. If you are unsure of who your representative is or have other advertising questions, you can connect with us at this alias ( and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Note that, in general, Expedia Group recommends travelers follow guidance from trusted sources such as the World Health Organizationand those who have booked on can find more information here. Our supply partners can learn more about the Expedia Group approach to COVID-19 here. Finally, please click here for a message from the president of our Travel Partner Group.