6 Ways to Inspire and Engage Travelers with Innovative Digital Storytelling

Every brand has a unique story to tell. Telling that story in a compelling and memorable fashion is the ultimate challenge, especially when trying to connect with today’s media-saturated consumers.

In addition to compelling creative content, engaging your brand’s audience requires data-driven marketing that is targeted and well-timed. As the world’s travel platform, Expedia Group has access to billions of intent and behavioral data points. We partner with agencies and in-house teams to help them interpret and craft strategies based on these data-driven insights.

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I am the Director of our in-house agency, Creative Partnerships, and we partner with brands to create unique and compelling media experiences and leverage innovative technologies. We collaborate with brands to reach and influence travel shoppers throughout their path to purchase. Our team of passionate storytellers supports all stages of campaigns, from ideation, through mid-campaign adjustments to end of campaign insights.

Whether it’s creating a leading-edge technology-based campaign or collaborating with one of our global travel brands, our Creative Partnerships team has a diverse set of capabilities to help you meet your marketing goals. The following is a taste of what our team can do:

1 – Interactive Experiences/Gamification: We craft beautiful and interactive media experiences that push the boundaries of travel marketing. Our custom and tailored approach allows us to create experiences that help you tell your story and help travelers experience your brand from the first moment of inspiration.

2 – Emerging Technology: We help advertisers break through the noise to reach relevant travel shoppers with the use of new and emerging technologies. Over the last few years we’ve produced many campaigns that help advertisers differentiate their brands with high-impact and cutting-edge technologies such as facial recognition, eye-tracking and AR/VR. Check out an example of our work in this category by reading about the eye-tracking campaign we created for the Hawai’i Tourism Authority.

3 – Experiential Marketing: We produce compelling experiential marketing that leverages the best of both offline and online media experiences. We create, lead, and execute distinctive and compelling experiential marketing campaigns that help drive lasting brand impact. Read how we partnered with Brand USA on their Sound Travels USA campaign to get a sense of the work we deliver in experiential marketing.

4 – Co-Brand Marketing with Our Global Brands: Our team of brilliant, industry-leading travel marketers are pushing the boundaries to build the world’s best travel brands. Through unique and compelling co-branded marketing partnerships, you can amplify and elevate your brand to the next level by engaging and inspiring travelers around the world.

5 – Social Activation: Brands can tap into our valuable social fans and followers of our global travel brands. Whether it’s a blog ‘written’ by the Travelocity Gnome, or a Twitter chat hosted by an influential travel blogger, we have many ways to engage our most loyal travel shoppers. Our “Can You Kenya” and Vincent van Gogh in Holland campaigns are great examples of our work in this space.
6 – Video Production: Video is a powerful and immersive medium to engage and inspire travel shoppers. Our award-winning campaigns often use video to authentically tell advertisers’ stories and showcase what their brand identity is all about.

Our team of passionate storytellers can help you push the edges of creative marketing. Our campaigns have earned us recognition from both the travel and digital advertising industries for their creativity and innovation. Our awards span industries and include recognition from Cannes Lions for Cyber, Mobile and Digital, from the Internet Advertising Competition for Best Travel Integrated Campaign, and Best Use of Video from the M&M Global Awards.

Learn more about how we can help you engage and influence travelers through innovative storytelling by {{cta(‘9f4d5320-0977-4673-95a8-08cf1d8fe569’)}} or by reading the Creative Partnerships Guide.