Get a 360 View of Your Destination

Data underpins everything you do. You rely on data to tell you what weather to expect, the odds on your country winning the world cup (or not!) and even how healthy you are. Nowadays, smart watches track your heart rate, how many steps you’ve taken in a given day and whether you’ve had enough sleep. This data is right at your fingertips, meaning that you don’t have to wait for your annual health-check to be told that you need to exercise more, or conversely get more rest. But as a marketer, how often do you utilize external data to ‘check the health’ of your destination?

Often, you will approach your marketing campaigns with a specific objective in mind; whether it’s the need to drive brand awareness in a crowded marketplace, create engagement with a campaign or message, or grow visitors to your destination. What’s interesting however, is that our first-party travel intent data can sometimes tell another story altogether, uncovering opportunities that you simply haven’t considered during your campaign planning.

For you to get the full picture when developing your marketing strategies, you need to utilize reliable global data at the discovery phase. Analyzing data beyond your own metrics, allows you a 360 view; on how your market is performing and highlights key trends for your consideration.

At the push of a button, our 360 reports can act as an instant health-check for destination marketers, tracking key metrics such as:

  • Air ticket sales
  • Room night bookings
  • Passenger numbers
  • Key feeder markets

Destination marketing analytics

As an example; imagine you’re the destination marketer for a beach town in the Mediterranean and our 360 report showed that airline ticket sales to your destination were down over 5% year-on-year. Delving deeper into the data available, the 360 report highlighted that one of the key feeder markets for your destination was nearly wholly to account for this 5% decrease. Further analysis then highlighted that of the feeder market where airline sales have decreased from, it’s a couple of airlines in particular that have sold less tickets than the year prior.

Were this the case, it raises a number of questions. Is it possible to reinvigorate that market and boost travelers? Are there other macro factors impacting this, for example an airline changing its routes? If there are external factors out of your control, how can you look to boost travel from other feeder markets? We work in collaboration with you, to offer solutions to these questions, building out strategic campaigns that have a real impact on your results.

Our first-party travel intent data allows you to better understand the performance of your destination, uncovering opportunities that allow you to broaden your strategies and elevate your campaigns; focusing your marketing attention on the areas that need it most.  

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