How Do Multi-Screens Influence Travel Purchases?

Do you have a mobile content strategy for engaging the travel consumer? Does your strategy take into account the multi-screen landscape that today’s travel consumers live in and use before making their purchases?

To help travel advertisers understand how to inform today’s travel consumers, we commissioned a study from comScore to examine the importance of multi-platform devices in online travel content consumption. I had the opportunity to share some of the findings with Tnooz, and we’ve now partnered with them to produce a free webinar to share the findings of the study in its entirety.

For the study, comScore blended online travel behavioral data with data collected through a custom survey. The survey looked at the ways that travelers in the U.S. and U.K. interact with online travel content on different types of devices and in different stages of their travel planning. Among the findings:

  • The online audience is enormous: 248 million people in the US and 48 million in the UK engage with digital content across all devices.
  • Having multiple devices is becoming the norm: 65% of U.S. households have more than three devices, while three out of four British travelers have one of each – a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet.

The study had several implications, but one thing was abundantly clear, the mobile experience must be efficient, since mobile users spend less time on average engaging with a brand.

I’d like to invite you to dig deeper into the study’s findings by checking out the recording of the {{cta(‘9fae7260-adc7-48f5-98d3-bfd6bb7ee78b’)}}


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