Introducing Accelerator to our Expedia Group Media Solutions Portfolio

At Expedia Group Media Solutions, we are continuously growing and innovating to help our hotel partners around the globe to reach, engage, and convert travel shoppers. The latest innovation we’re excited to introduce to the Expedia Group Media Solutions portfolio is Accelerator, a budget-friendly, pay-per-stay advertising tool that boosts a listing’s sort position. 

Maximize bookings while minimizing spend 

You might already be familiar with TravelAds sponsored listings, which is another advertising solution our hotel partners can use to engage travel shoppers. TravelAds are great for long-term strategies and allow for a lot of customization but can be more of an investment and require partnering with a TravelAds expert. 

Accelerator, on the other hand, is a self-service solution that’s easy and quick to set up and offers a few unique capabilities. For one, Accelerator enables hotel partners to boost their property’s position in search results, helping them to reach and convert more travel shoppers. Second, because payment is made with the compensation hotel partners earn from bookings, no marketing budget is required. This is great news as the world continues to recover and rebuild, as the pay-per-stay model helps partners protect their revenue in the case of any cancellations or closures. This feature makes the tool a great option for anyone looking to experiment with paid marketing in a low-risk environment. 

Fill empty rooms by targeting last-minute travel shoppers 

Accelerator helps our hotel partners target travel shoppers whether they’re looking two days or two months from now. In particular, Accelerator campaigns are a terrific way to target travel shoppers looking to make last-minute bookings because the campaigns can be created quickly and allow for check-in date targeting. By boosting your property’s sort position, you can reach these highly engaged travelers who are more likely to find and book a stay. In fact, according to our first-party data, 66% of bookings are made for properties in the top 10 search results (Expedia Group, 2022).  

Two travelers in an airport

Create compelling campaigns for your destination 

With travel demand on the rise, destination marketers have the opportunity to reach eager travelers.

Destination marketers can take advantage of our insights into traveler behavior to connect with travelers, create excitement about their destination, and build compelling campaigns to stand out from the competition.

Analyze predicted results before committing  

How much compensation override does a partner need to add to get its property into the top 10 search results? Our potential sort order simulation graph shows the predicted placement for a property based on the targeted dates and set compensation override amount. A partner can adjust this amount, and the dates, to see how the predicted results change, allowing them to craft a marketing strategy that will help them reach their goals. Plus, campaigns are easy to start or stop at any time, so partners have full control.  

Example of the sort order simulation graph

Spend less time managing campaigns and more time with guests 

After selecting the targeted dates and compensation override amounts, Accelerator campaigns are ready to be published. There’s no need to write custom copy or add images. That’s because Accelerator boosts the position of your organic listing, which already exists. The solution simply ensures the listing you already have is more visible to potential guests. 

We know that creating a top-notch guest experience is key for our hotel partners; Accelerator campaigns take only minutes to set up, allowing partners to spend more time with their guests.  

Accelerator campaigns are a fantastic way for hotel partners to increase their property’s visibility so that it can be seen and booked by more travelers. Learn more about Accelerator or log in to Partner Central to create a campaign today. 

Christine Walker Scarce

Senior Director, Product & Sales Marketing

Christine Walker Scarce leads the product marketing team at Expedia Group Media Solutions, overseeing the go-to-market strategies for the digital advertising products and services across the Expedia Group portfolio of leading travel brands. Her team is responsible for everything from product planning and positioning to marketing strategy to deliver innovative media offerings and reporting for marketing partners. Christine previously spent seven years at as the senior manager for destination management, where she led product strategy for With more than 20 years in the marketing industry, Christine has experience in e-commerce, merchandising and technology industries, having led product strategy and development previously at and T-Mobile. She is a graduate from the University of Houston and lives in Seattle with her family.

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