Replay Our Webinar: Turning Insights Into Action – Using Data To Drive Results

In today’s digital age, travel consumers around the globe have a multitude of resources to access travel information and content. They are turning to online to research, consider, compare, and purchase through the click of a button. As a result, these shifting behaviors have provided numerous opportunities as well as challenges for marketers. Marketers now have an unprecedented ability to tap into this digital data through understanding consumer behaviors, and therefore engage target audiences as well as measure results to demonstrate real business impact.  

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The challenge is in mining this massive digital travel data sphere for actionable insights. We at Expedia Media Solutions empower marketers to tap into research as well as our first-party data to help set campaign strategy, optimize for results, and integrate actionable insights to inform planning for future campaigns.

We conducted a webinar last week covering our data insight capabilities to allow marketers to reach highly engaged travel shoppers with our insights and digital advertising tools. Marketers can build powerful custom audience segments to engage travel shoppers throughout the consumer journey using Expedia Inc.’s extensive first-party data. Download the webinar for a look at the latest insights and reporting capabilities available, including:

  1. Pre-campaign planning tools
  2. Campaign duration support
  3. Post-campaign analysis
  4. Success stories from real advertisers

Watch the recording and learn how you can use data to turn insights into action.