Using video to connect with consumers at all stages of the purchase cycle

You’ve probably heard that old adage about writing: Show, don’t tell. The same advice is just as relevant to travel brands. Why tell potential travelers about an experience when you can show them?

As consumers spend more and more time in the digital space, they’re also spending more and more time watching online videos (and we aren’t just talking about cat videos here).

Consumers are more than passive viewers when it comes to video too. They’re actively engaging with the content, meaning video provides a valuable opportunity for marketers to influence awareness and, ultimately, purchasing decisions.

Travel is often a deliberate and well-researched decision for consumers. And throughout that journey, video plays a part. When thinking about a potential trip, 65% of leisure travelers leverage video. Similarly, 61% rely on video to choose their destination.¹

Travel Video stats.jpg

Video can do more than inspire people to daydream about your destination or travel activity though. It can incentivize them to take the next step too. Forty-five percent of leisure travelers booked instantly after watching a video of travel activities.2 Similarly, 72% of business travelers and 74% of affluent travelers booked immediately upon watching a video.3

It’s clear that video can help travel marketers connect with consumers at all stages of the traveler’s journey to purchase. What’s more, consumers are genuinely interested in video—62% of leisure travelers and 74% of business travelers say that they want to see a video before making a final travel booking decision.4

And why not give travel consumers what they want?

From the time travelers are contemplating a trip to the point when they’re poised with credit card in hand, video can influence their purchase decisions. So when it comes to driving awareness and increasing bookings, try showing consumers about a unique experience or location rather than just telling them about it.

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