Webinar: How Hotels Can Use Sponsored Listings to Book Rooms

What’s your hotel’s most expensive room?

While a suite or penthouse may be the obvious choice, in truth, it’s an empty room. In the highly saturated hotel marketplace, how can hotels stand apart from the competition, and ultimately, help ensure their rooms are consistently filled?

In our on-demand webinar, we answer that question. “How Hotels Can Stand Out in a Saturated Market,” features three of our industry experts and their findings on effective strategies for driving profitability and room nights in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

In the recording, we hear from:

Christine Scarce, Director, Product Marketing, Expedia Group Media Solutions

Jurriaan Klink, Director, Market Management, Expedia Group

Andy Mann, Senior Director, Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions

TravelAds Webinar Speakers

The webinar centers upon a key tactic for driving room nights: our sponsored listing solution, TravelAds.

Flexible and efficient, simple yet sophisticated, TravelAds helps hotels stand apart from their competitors and capture the attention of engaged, ready to book travel shoppers. With 144 million unique monthly visitors, Expedia Group’s global network of travel sites draws in a highly qualified audience. TravelAds helps your hotel capture the attention of this audience at a crucial point in the purchase cycle.

It also helps hotels:

  • Drive additional room nights
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase brand awareness

One of the key reasons TravelAds is so effective in helping hotels stand apart from the competition is timing: When you run a TravelAds campaign, you will reach customers at the most influential point of the purchase cycle. Consumers who see TravelAds listings already know their travel dates and destination and are therefore close to converting. Additionally, your ad only shows when you have availability. There is no wasted exposure, and you only pay for the clicks you receive.

TravelAds Webinar

The webinar also explores key TravelAds features including:

  • Custom ad copy and images
  • Targeting based on real-time traveler intent
  • Customized bidding

Ultimately, our priority is to create advertising products that will resonate with travel shoppers as they move between each stage of the traveler journey, and in turn, provide an increase in room nights. TravelAds is one such product, and above are just some of its many facets.

To get the full benefit of the webinar, we invite you to view the presentation in its entirety. Whether you’re just getting started with TravelAds, or looking to fine-tune your strategy, you can learn more by watching our on-demand webinar: How Hotels Can Stand Out In a Saturated Market.