Australian Gen Z Travelers Seek Outdoor Exploration and Good Travel Deals

Australians are the most deal-driven travelers within Asia-Pacific, but given that they travel the most and are more likely to travel abroad, they invest in travel and are likely looking to get the most bang for their buck. According to our new study with Northstar Research Partners, Australian travelers prioritize activities, deals and low prices, once in a lifetime or “bucket list” trips and cultural experiences, and approximately 48 percent plan and book their trip via an online travel agency (OTA).

The study illustrates broad travel trends and distinct shopping habits, influences and motivations of Australian travelers across four generations, including Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. Below is a snapshot of Australian travelers in each generation. You can download the full study with additional findings and insights 

Gen Z are Open-Minded International Travelers who Enjoy Outdoor Activities, Embrace YOLO

Australian Gen Z travel 37 days a year on average, and are the most likely of all the generations to travel internationally (51 percent). Gen Z opt for “off the beaten path” locations (74 percent) and recommendations from locals and embrace the ‘you only live once’ (#YOLO) mentality, take risks and focus on crossing things off their travel wish list.


Millennials Embrace YOLO and Outdoor Exploration, Prefer Relaxing at the Beach and Sightseeing

Two-thirds of Millennials either do not have a destination in mind when beginning to plan a trip, or are considering multiple destinations. The majority (70 percent) said every vacation is family oriented and they prefer to fill their itinerary with museums, historical sites, arts and culture.  More than half are influenced by ads with appealing imagery and consider Facebook the most influential social media platform for travel inspiration.


Deal-Driven Gen X Enjoy Relaxing at the Beach, Visiting Family and Sightseeing

Gen X travel almost one full week less than other generations, and are more likely to travel domestically (59 percent stay in country). Their top trip types including relaxing vacations and visiting family, and over half book their travel on an OTA.


Baby Boomers are Outdoor Enthusiasts, Destination Decisive and Confident Travelers; Not Tied to Budget

Baby Boomers are the most destination decisive of the generations with 67 percent saying they have already decided on a destination when beginning to shop for travel. Less than half said budget is not a primary factor when travel shopping, and Boomers allocate the largest portions of thier budget to flight and hotel. While the majority of Boomers said they are not influenced by social media (76 percent), more than half are influenced by ads with informative content.


For more findings and insights on the Australian traveler, download the full research here.

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