Compare and Contrast: British Boomers, Chinese Millennials and American Generation X-ers

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New research reveals generational trends from four distinct age groups – Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers – in three of the biggest travel markets in the world – US, UK and China.

The research was discussed in a webinar with tnooz and Expedia Media Solutions which took place earlier this month.

Wendy Olson Killion, global senior director for Expedia Media Solutions, talked through the findings.

Not only are travelers from these countries searching, shopping and traveling differently, there are interesting differences between the generations that can help marketers understand how to reach them, including:

  • How they travel: Chinese travelers are more likely to take a train to get to/from their trip (20 percent), especially Chinese Boomers and Generation Z. Only one percent of American travelers said they take the train, and are more likely to drive than travelers from the UK or China.
  • What influences their travel decisions: Nearly two thirds or more of all travelers have a budget in mind: Chinese travelers are the most budget conscious. However, when prioritizing what is most important to them when making a travel decision, the majority of travelers said it was activities they would be doing on the trip that were more important than a good deal.
  • How technology plays a role: Younger generations, being very mobile-friendly, are the most likely to use their smartphone at all phases of the consumer journey, from looking for inspiration to booking a trip. However, during a trip, all generations rely heavily on their mobile. Interestingly in China, Boomers are more likely than even Generation Z to use their device on a trip.

The independent research was carried out by global customer insights agency Northstar. The webinar took a data-driven approach to examining online behaviors and trends of travelers around the world, across devices, and throughout the consumer journey.

Find out more about:

  • Digital behavior trends across each generation – from up and coming Generation Z and Millennial travelers to more established Generation X and Boomer tourists
  • How online resources, shopping platforms and various devices are used at every stage leading up to and including booking
  • The motives and emotions behind their consideration set as they search, discover, explore, and book travel


This article first appeared in tnooz.

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