From Gen Z to Boomers: Key Insights to Help You Connect with British Travelers

British travel, both domestic and international, increased in 2017 and is projected to keep increasing for 2018, according to a new report in ABTA. This is great news for marketers as this growth presents an opportunity for you to reach a larger audience. With that, we’re giving you insights into British generations to help you connect more deeply with the British traveler.

Vacation preferences across generations

It’s no secret visually appealing content, especially the growing allure of video content, appeals to younger generations. We see this trend occurring within the larger world of marketing and our data below also supports this growing trend for travel. Indeed, British Gen Z and Millennials respond to appealing imagery in ads at a rate of 55 and 50 percent, respectively. And as video and other forms of ads with appealing imagery continue to increase, so too will the younger generations’ engagement with it.

Alluring imagery UL blog post.jpg

Along with intriguing imagery, deals are important. A strong caveat to the significance of deals, however, is that ultimately, emotion (experience) overrides price. Of course, British generations are still mindful of not blowing their budget, but when it comes down to a decision, they prioritize the activities they will be doing on a trip over everything else.

Some other notable trends across generations include:

  • Gen Z and Millennials have a higher propensity to travel far afield (spending more on airfare) and they have a higher philosophy of YOLO
  • Until travelers go on holiday, desktops are still king, but once in-trip, all generations switch to smartphones

Vacation Preferences for each generation

Gen Z Likes Sightseeing, Relaxing, and Visiting Family

As this generation grows into adulthood, many marketers have been eager to see what motivates them. We find them to be a curious generation with a desire to sightsee. Likewise, they also enjoy relaxing trips and spending time with their family.

Millennials Are Drawn to Nearly All Vacation Types

Millennials value experiences and traveling represents a way for them to experience each other and new places. In fact, across all categories of vacation types, from sightseeing to family play, Millennials scored relatively high in each one—reflecting their desire for a wide array of experiences. Of course, they have favorite vacation types, and those are relaxing and sightseeing.

Gen X Long for Relaxation and Sightseeing

Of all the vacation types, relaxation and sightseeing are at the heart of this established generation, at 53 and 51 percent respectively. Gen Xers are on the go, in their prime child rearing and income earning years, and this busy life may help to explain why they want to relax. Likewise, these factors combine to make for a generation with great spending power.

Boomers Want to See the World

Like Gen X, Boomers also love relaxation, but they love sightseeing even more. In fact, in the sightseeing category, they are in first place by an impressive 8 percentage points at 61 percent. They also rank highest in the visiting family category which aligns to their life stage.

Boomers see the world UK blog post.jpg

So, how can you put this information into action and convert British generations? The number one site for conversion, across every generation, is the OTA. This is likely because OTAs are a one-stop shop for everything. They allow travelers to cross-shop, thus tapping into British generations’ preference for deals. They cater to the variety of vacation preferences of British generations by allowing them to book multiple parts of a vacation, like: hotels, airfare, car rentals, attractions, etc. Taken together, these factors really play into British generations’ desire for experiences.

These are just some of the many insights featured in our research that enable marketers to connect with British generations more deeply. To learn more insights about British generations, follow the link to view the entire study here.