Gen Alpha Family Travel in Latin and North America

When it comes to family travel, getting the best deal or lowest price is not a top priority for Latin and North American family travelers: It’s all about activities, safety, and memorable experiences. Whether it’s theme parks, water activities, or food tourism, families with Generation Alpha children (born 2010 or after) prioritize the travel experience itself—rather than what it costs.

Our new research, North American and Latin American Family Travel Trends, explores Gen Alpha’s impact on family travel in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

How can tourism boards and hotels benefit from these insights? By optimizing their advertising campaigns to highlight experiences, rather than expense, destinations and hotels can appeal to travelers’ true interests, and in turn, secure more bookings.

The Influence of Gen Alpha

When booking a family trip with Generation Alpha, Latin American and North American travelers universally prioritize going somewhere with activities for the entire family.

Tourism boards and hotels can connect with family travelers by highlighting attractions that are both unique to their region or near their property, respectively, and appeal to family travelers: Our digital marketing solutions can be optimized to showcase specific, Gen Alpha-oriented activities—from museums to outdoor adventures to educational experiences.

Our research reveals that North American and Latin American family travelers are most drawn to theme parks, water activities, and outdoor activities. However, the opportunity to entice family travelers goes beyond major attractions: 45 percent of travelers from both regions look for museums when planning a family trip, while 49 percent of North Americans and 46 percent of Latin Americans seek out historical landmarks.

While travelers from both regions have common interests, they also differ in their preferences: 32 percent of North American travelers are drawn to educational experiences, while 41 percent of Latin American travelers look for guided tours.

When it comes to who is impacting travel decisions, Gen Alpha is indisputably influential: Across both regions, 60 percent said travel ideas come from both adults and children, with nearly four in ten saying Gen Alpha influences family trip decisions. In fact, Latin America and North America adults said that imagery or information highlighting kid-friendly activities or attractions influences Gen Alpha’s travel opinions.

Equipped with this knowledge, tourism boards and hotels can fine-tune their digital advertising to have the most impact based on their audience.

NA VS LATAM: How does Gen Alpha’s influence differ between regions?

While Gen Alpha has a prominent influence over family travel globally, how—and to what extent—they impact travel decisions varies between North America and Latin America

  • In Latin America, 75 percent of parents and grandparents said Gen Alpha show them online content, compared to only 59 percent in North America.
  • Latin American Gen Alpha are 26 percent more likely than North American Gen Alpha to use TV commercials to show adults places they want to go, and 50 percent more likely to influence family trip planning with ads they saved from publications.
  • Nearly half of Latin Americans said Gen Alpha’s travel opinions are influenced by travel-related imagery or information they see on TV or online, compared to approximately 26 percent in North America.
  • Latin American Gen Alphas are savvy smartphone users too, watching entertainment videos on their smartphone (80 percent) and looking at travel content (45 percent).

The Window of Opportunity for Tourism Boards and Hotels

In addition to valuing experience over expense, both North American and Latin American family travelers are looking for inspiration on where, how, and when to travel: 71 percent of North American travelers and 78 percent of Latin American travelers are open to help and inspiration when planning a trip.

Marketers can help influence family travel decisions with appealing images and practical content like reviews, admissions information, proximity to activities, and deals.

Key Insights & Marketing Takeaways

Family travel planning is collaborative: With ideas coming from both Gen Alpha and adults, tourism boards and hotels can help increase bookings by looking for opportunities to make travel research and planning an interactive, fun, and easy experience for the entire family. Using family-friendly content and messaging will go a long way in reaching these travelers.

Entertainment and happiness for all: Marketing content with messaging or visuals highlighting fun for all ages—especially for activities, experiences, and attractions —is an effective way to appeal to family travelers from both regions.

Convenience over lowest price: Lead with convenience-driven messaging around top family travel considerations, such as location, family needs, or proximity to nearby attractions—rooted in a great deal to make the booking decision even easier.

Curious to learn more about how you can better reach, engage, and convert family travelers from Latin America and North America? Get additional insights and data in our full study.