New Research: How Generation Alpha Influence Family Trip Decisions

Planning family travel isn’t just for grown-ups. In fact, the entire family plays a role in family travel decisions, including the youngest members of the household: Generation Alpha.

Our brand new research study, Gen Alpha & Family Travel Trends, uncovers how the world’s youngest generation is already influencing family travel. Born after 2010, Gen Alpha may be young, but their ideas and opinions and are already influencing family travel decisions. This generation is expected to be more educated, wealthier, and live longer than any generation before them. All of this means great potential for the travel industry.

A total of 83% of travelers around the world plan trips together as a family, and more than half of parents and grandparents said that their Gen Alpha family members show them online and TV content to influence family trip planning. Another 60% of respondents say that travel ideas come from both children and adults.

Here’s what marketers need to know:

Gen Alpha Influences Trip Decisions

  • Although final decisions are made by the adults, more than one-third of respondents say Gen Alpha influences family trip choices. When planning trips that will include the Gen Alpha family member(s), destination selection (64%), and trip activities (57%) are top considerations.
  • Convenience is more important than lowest price when selecting transportation and accommodations for family trips. More than half of family travelers select their transportation because it’s the fastest option and approximately 40% select their accommodations based on location and family needs.

Resources & Inspiration for Family Travel

  • Ideas and opinions from multiple family members may be contributing to destination indecision around family trips. More than 71% say they are deciding between two or more destinations or may not even have a destination in mind when they first decide to take a family trip.
  • Online and offline resources play a key role in family trip planning and booking, including travel review sites or online travel agencies (63%). More than 4 in 10 look to search engines, colleagues, friends or family – including Gen Alpha.

Families Prioritize Fun with Gen Alpha

  • When planning family trips, an overwhelming majority of parents and grandparents (95%) say that keeping their family entertained and happy is incredibly important. Eighty-nine percent report looking for the best deals and value.
  • Above lowest price, parents and grandparents prioritize family fun – such as going somewhere with activities, experiences, and places the entire family can enjoy – along with a safe and kid-friendly environment.
  • When determining their trip itineraries, family travelers look for theme parks and attractions (74%), water activities (67%), and outdoor activities (55%).


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