3 Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue with TravelAds Sponsored Listings

Today’s travel consumers have access to seemingly unlimited resources in their path to choosing hotels. They draw inspiration from social media, from ads, from word of mouth, from search, and from online travel agencies – to name only a few. Once they have decided where they are headed, they are most likely selecting their accommodations from among tens if not hundreds of traditional hotels and home rentals. How can a hotel possibly stand out in the crowd?

As it just so happens, we have developed a proven, pay-per-click hotel advertising product designed to do just that: stand out in the crowd to achieve room night and revenue goals. TravelAds Sponsored Listings helps hotels be discovered by the right audience at the right moment. Here are three tips to help hoteliers create sponsored listings that stand out:

1. Customize your hotel listing

You can highlight your unique hotel offerings to travel shoppers through custom imagery and ad copy. Based on data from thousands of campaigns, we’ve found that top performing TravelAds Sponsored Listings share the five following traits:

  • Feature an offer or promotion
  • Promote specific hotel features
  • Use appealing adjectives
  • Showcase another hotel feature
  • Include an easy-to-see image

Water’s Edge Shoreside Suites customized their sponsored listings to optimize their campaign’s impact. The result was a huge increase in room night demand over a short period of time.

TravelAds blog pic

2. Meet your goals with TravelAds targeting

Along with customizing your hotel listing, another great tactic you can incorporate is tapping into our advanced targeting features. With these features you can reach the most qualified travel audience that brings in the most revenue for your hotel.

Below, we’ve gathered some notable examples of hotel business goals, which can be achieved by using Travel Ads targeting:

  • Fill need dates: Use Scheduled Ads to target your audience based on specific booking and travel windows.
  • Increase revenue with a controlled budget: Set your daily budget and cost-per-click to a number you’re comfortable with and adjust at any time.
  • Extend your reach: Reach a truly global travel audience and gain exposure across the network of Expedia Group brands by keeping your country of origin targeting parameters open.

3. Use data-driven insights to optimize your performance

Helping you get the most out of your campaigns, we have reporting capabilities that give you access to campaign data that can lead to invaluable insights. Here are some highlights of our reporting capabilities:

  • Bid Strength: Knowing the strength of your bid relative to your competitors lets you see if you are a market participant, contender, or leader at a glance. This does not guarantee a specific rank but provides you with a realistic picture of where you stand in the bidding marketplace. This information may indicate that one or many aspects of your strategy needs adjusting to be competitive.
  • Room Nights Clicked: Knowing how many room nights have been booked because of a travel shopper clicking on your sponsored listing will help you demonstrate clear return on investment.
  • Room Nights Exposed: Knowing how many room nights have been booked because of travel shoppers seeing your sponsored listing will help you understand the indirect but significant impact of your sponsored listings.

Whether you need to increase bookings during low-season or improve your overall market share, TravelAds Sponsored Listings can help you reach your goals.

Learn more about how TravelAds Sponsored Listings can help you drive more hotel revenue by reading the TravelAds Essentials Guide.

Andy Mann

Senior Director, Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions

Andy Mann is a senior director of business development for Expedia Group Media Solutions’ growing sponsored listing business. His team works closely with global and regional hotel chains, management companies, agencies and local independent properties. Before joining Expedia, Andy was VP of Sales for Lanyon, leading the sales effort for their SMB product offering. Prior to that, he was Senior Director of Sales for LivingSocial Escapes, responsible for leading the North America travel sales team. He started his career as a business owner and consultant in the CPG industry, before embarking on a corporate career with IBM. Andy is a graduate of the University of North Texas and lives in the Dallas area with his family.

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