Influencing the Travel Shopper Along the Path to Purchase

Travel purchases are rarely straightforward — research shows that shoppers looking to buy a package visit travel sites an average of 38 times prior to purchase. That’s why as travel marketers it’s essential for us to understand the traveler’s complex journey along the path to purchase.

Drilling into the role OTAs currently play in the decision making process — from inspiration to research and ultimately to purchase —a recent study by Millward Brown Digital discovered that OTAs account for 39% traffic share at the point of inspiration; they comprise nearly half (49%) in the mid-funnel, and 40% of share in the purchasing stage.

Knowing that OTAs play such a significant role in the traveler shopping process, we worked to create and test products that would help brands reach their target audience. The result is Expedia Brands Portfolio.

So what does it look like in action? One of our partners, a large hotel chain, approached us with the objective of filling rooms during the slow season across key markets in their US locations. The solution implemented was Expedia Brands Portfolio, targeted display advertisements that ran across the US network of brands:,,, and

This approach helped the hotel chain’s offer reach consumers who were cross-shopping and comparing hotels across different sites. With a return-on-ad-spend of 94:1, the hotel chain was able to fill room nights in their soft period effectively with a fantastic return.

Because the consumer travel purchase journey includes many stops along the way, Expedia Brands Portfolio is designed to connect brands with their target audience more effectively in light of that cross-shopping behavior. Learn more about Expedia Brands Portfolio and how it can help you meet your marketing goals {{cta(‘c23b6b6d-52f0-40c9-945a-06b6c8548c45’)}}

Matthew Reichek

VP of Product & Innovation

Matthew Reichek is VP of Product & Innovation at Expedia Group.

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