Nine Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

Here at Media Solutions, our goal is to help brands connect with travel shoppers. We do this by helping you deliver your unique messages to highly targeted audiences around the globe using a wide variety of digital marketing solutions. It is also our goal to help you understand the travel marketing landscape, get information on shifting trends, and inspire and empower you to achieve your marketing goals. We share content from industry experts and research that is actionable and relevant. No matter what industry you are in—from hotels to financial services, from tourism boards to aviation—we work to create content that is informative, inspirational, and helps you understand key, travel marketing concepts.

With those goals in mind, we’re taking a look back at some of our most-read blog content of 2019. The following nine pieces incorporate a variety of digital marketing solutions applied across many verticals. Whether you’re revisiting these pieces or reading them for the first time, we hope the following posts spark ideas well into the new year.

#9 What to Look for in Your Sponsored Ads Solution

This piece was created for hotel marketers who may be considering (or already use) a sponsored listing solution. While there are many options available, we’ve found that these five characteristics are essential to a truly effective pay per click solution for hotels looking to stand apart from the competition and get the most out of their advertising investment.

#8 Destination Marketing: Top Tips to Capture the Bleisure Boom

Bleisure (a portmanteau of leisure and business) is bigger than ever. This post was written to inspire travel marketers who are looking to capture the bleisure travel boom and includes seven key tips for doing so. It also ties in custom research on the behaviors and preferences of the bleisure traveler and includes pointers for connecting with this important audience.

#7 New Research: How Generation Alpha Influences Family Travel

Gen Alpha (children born beginning in 2010) may be young, but they’re already influencing family travel. This piece highlights our custom research on the behaviors and preferences of families who are traveling with Gen Alpha and sheds light on how travel marketers can use these insights to connect more meaningfully with this influential group and their families.

#6 explore ‘19: Eight Reasons to Attend

Each year some of the best and brightest in travel come together for our annual travel industry conference, explore. Leading up to explore ‘19, we highlighted key reasons why an attendee could benefit from attending and offered a sneak peek inside some of the biggest activities and events attendees could expect to see at explore ‘19.

#5 Three Pillars of Successful Hotel Marketing Campaigns

Written for hotel marketers, this piece provides insights on how to navigate the complexity of hotel marketing. It points to three key elements of successful hotel marketing campaigns and explains how hotel marketers and hotel revenue managers can take action.

#4 Food Tourism as Sustainable Tourism: Three Advertising Success Stories

The concurrent rise of sustainable tourism and food tourism provides an opportunity for travel marketers. This piece, written for all travel marketers—but with a special focus on tourism boards—looks at how three destinations set themselves apart from the competition through campaigns that highlighted the appeal of their regional cuisine while simultaneously promoting sustainable tourism.

#3 Aviation Marketing Strategy: Two High Impact Campaigns

Created for both airline and airport marketers, this piece sheds light on how aviation marketers can connect more effectively with travel shoppers. By focusing on specific examples from one airline and one airport, the blog shows how both were able to drive significant bookings through strategic digital marketing campaigns.

#2 Inspiring and Engaging Younger Travelers

With their mobile-first behavior, strong preference for experience-based travel, and phenomenal spending power, Millennials and Generation Z are reshaping the travel industry. This piece provides examples of how specific campaigns have engaged Millennials and Gen Z-ers in authentic and powerful ways.

#1 Capturing the Attention of Ready to Book Travel Shoppers

Did you know: 63 percent of travelers take six days or fewer to research and book their trips. Created for hoteliers seeking new and compelling methods to rise above the competition through strategic marketing, this post was built around the trend of fast-acting—aka “ready to book” travel shoppers—and how to capture their attention. This piece explores the ongoing window of opportunity that fast-acting bookers provide for hotel advertisers and how they can use it to fill rooms.

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