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Success Stories

Lancaster House Suites


More than half of this Latin American hotel's bookings have been made through the TravelAds sponsored listing product.

The Opportunity

Midway between Bogota airport and the city, 16-year-old Lancaster House Suites offers the largest suites in Bogota—with a deep emphasis on personal service to guests. While the hotel had a respectable market share, the objective was to increase the number of bookings on Expedia and its partner sites.

The TravelAds Advantage

Since the campaign launched, more than half the hotel’s bookings were generated through TravelAds—with an ROI of 18:1. As of August 2012, TravelAds continue to deliver strong results—959 total bookings after exposure to the ads since starting the program in 2010.

Advertiser Support

“We were the first hotel in Bogota to use TravelAds and the results of the campaign exceeded our expectations. Every time a new feature has been offered we’ve used: Ad displays (languages and location), bidding, scheduled ads, targeting tools, and budgeting tools.”

Monica Goldstein Avinami, Lancaster House Suites

The Results

Daily reporting allows Lancaster House Suites to monitor performance and make last-minute scheduling adjustments. 

Monica has always maintained a close relationship with the TravelAds sales team for detailed feedback on performance, tips on improving, new features, and suggestions to maximize the budget.

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