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All Nippon Airways


Japanese airlines used Brand USA co-op program to increase production to the US.

The Opportunity

In 2012, All Nippon Airways (ANA) was the first airline in the world to commercially fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but 3 days after the first B787 flight, equipment problems with the aircraft came to light. Subsequent incidents prompted grounding of all 787s—and ANA as well as other airlines were unable to fly them for several months.

Since then, the aircraft issues have been solved. But ANA’s new daily route from Tokyo to San Jose was not filling the seats as well as they had hoped. ANA was faced with the challenge of restoring confidence in the Boeing 787 and rebuilding its brand image among the Japanese people while increasing ticket sales to the USA.

The Solution

Expedia Media Solutions chose two methods to face the dual challenge. To provide a positive image of the 787, Media Solutions featured the aircraft prominently in display ads and showed new features of 787 on a dedicated landing page for ANA on

Campaign creative specifically featured San Jose routes in display ads to attract travelers to fly to San Jose. Additionally, the Media Solutions team enlisted help from Expedia’s SEO team to provide content relevant to key California destinations to get people excited about going to California.


The campaign also took advantage of Expedia’s partnership in the extensive Brand USA “Discover America” co-op program which provides a 1:1 match to advertisers who promote their product or destination.

The Results


The successful campaign produced major YOY increases in several categories—and lifted ANA to become one of the top 5 air ticket producers on Expedia Japan with the following results:

YOY Tickets to US
YOY Tickets to California

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