Dreams Jade Resort & Spa

Cancún, Mexico

“It’s great because we see results right away. Accelerator is easy to use: We can turn it on and turn it off, it’s flexible, and it’s easy to create new campaigns.”

Alejandro Velazquez, Ecommerce Manager

Estimated increase in page views during March 2022 campaign

Over 3%

Click-Through Rate


Higher return than the market average


Dreams Jade Resort & Spa is a 4-star resort in Cancun, Mexico, that offers amenities for the entire family, from mini-golf and snorkeling to a luxurious spa. The resort is part of the Dreams Resorts & Spas collection, which offers all-inclusive vacations across Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe.  

The opportunity

The resort relies heavily on international travelers, so when the pandemic hit in early 2020, the resort saw a significant decrease in bookings. Alejandro Velazquez, the resort’s e-commerce manager, had recently transferred from a sister property where he successfully partnered with Expedia Group Media Solutions. He was eager to implement the same solutions he used at the previous property to drive bookings for Dreams Jade.

The solution

First, Dreams Jade launched aTravelAds Sponsored Listingscampaign with seasonal custom ad copy and imagery to attract more travelers. The sponsored listing succeeded in increasing the property’s visibility, but Velazquez wanted to also boost the position of the property’s organic listing during times of year when business is slower and bookings are fewer.  

That’s why the property also usedAccelerator,Media Solutions’ budget-friendly, pay-per-stay visibility booster tool. With this solution, Velazquez can run campaigns with more conservative compensation override percentages throughout the year. It also offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the compensation override amount depending on the property’s total planned capacity. For example, when the property has availability within the next 30 days, he can employ a more aggressive Accelerator strategy to quickly and efficiently fill rooms without worrying about budget, thanks to Accelerator’s pay-per-stay model.

The results

In the end, the Accelerator campaign helped Dreams Jade Resort & Spa achieve an 82% increase in page views and a 64% increase in impressions, two of the metrics Velazquez and his team look at when evaluating the performance of their marketing channels.  

The property’s TravelAds targeted travelers more than 100 miles away, looking for stays of 6+ days, with a check-in window in the next 14 days. In 2021, the property’s sponsored listings delivered over 1.2 million impressions and a click-through rate of 3.06% (above average for the market).


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*Expedia Group, TravelAds and Accelerator incrementality data, 2022