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Success stories

Marriott Northern UK and Scotland


This regional chain utilized TravelAds Sponsored Listings to increase brand awareness in their UK market.

The Opportunity

In the current economic environment, customers are highly price-sensitive and actively looking for good offers as well as good value. Marriott wanted an efficient, measurable way to spread their brand offering in multiple locations in North England and Scotland.

The TravelAds Advantage

The targeting tools in the TravelAds product are a sure-fire way for advertisers to stretch out revenues to achieve maximum ROI. Travel Ads allowed Marriott to drive demand on specific need dates and market trends, to boost special offers, and to increase market visibility for the customer’s top-of-mind recall.

Advertiser Support

“The campaigns performed very well on Return on Ad Spend as well as ROI metrics. Conversion increased several times and the participating hotels saw a good incremental business. £££ when you need it!”

Bharati Dalela, E-commerce Manager, Marriott International

The Result


The TravelAds tool is straightforward, simple to set up and use, operates in real time, and provides detailed daily reporting. Marriott was able to allocate specific budgets to specific campaigns and daily, monthly, and weekly reports were shared and analyzed by stakeholders of the campaigns.


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