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Peru participated in a brand study campaign that resulted in a 108.7% lift in brand awareness and 12.5% lift in brand preference to attract travelers to their destination.

The Opportunity

Peru is one of the most important and exotic world-class destinations in Latin America. However, Promperu (Peruvian Tourism Bureau) has spent many years trying to position their country’s touristic attractions, cultural values and natural beauty in competition with other important destinations in Latin American. Promperu’s objective was to build awareness and stay top of mind to attract travelers to their destination.

The Solution

Focusing on Peru’s brand awareness objective a campaign was crafted utilizing display media across Expedia sites in the US, Australia and Canada promoting special dates, hotel offerings and seasonal destinations with a branded message.

In order to measure the effectiveness of the campaign Expedia Media Solutions conducted a brand study through Nielsen to measure brand awareness and brand preference.  A survey was setup to probe questions pertaining to the type of advertising consumers have seen and the destinations they would most likely travel to.

The performance of the campaign was based on the following metrics: 

Brand Awareness: Which of the following destination have you seen advertised in the last 30 days? (Answer options: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina, Other /none)
Brand Preference: Which of these destination would you most likely consider traveling to? (Answer options: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina, Other /none)


The Results

The results showed that after the digital advertising campaign on Expedia, it was effective for both brand awareness and brand preference. The study showed that the overall brand awareness lift for Peru increased by 108.7% & the brand preference increased by 12.5% following the campaign.

Brand Awareness Lift
Brand Preference Lift

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