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Success stories

Quito Turismo


Distinguished this city destination and increased hotel gross bookings 88%.

The Opportunity

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, wanted to differentiate itself from the rest of the city destinations within Ecuador and build recognition as a fun city to visit. Quito has largely been the hub for flights to Guayaquil and on to the Galapagos Islands. Quito Turismo was interested in gaining more travelers, selling more room nights, and branding Quito as a great city break destination with tons of culture and things to do.

The Solution

Quito Turismo brought its project to Expedia Media Solutions, relying on the company’s expertise in arranging substantial hotel discounts with its suppliers and taking advantage of high-impact advertising on

The campaign featured a full range of displays ads including core offer placements on the Expedia home page and high-visibility ad placements on search results pages for South America. Additionally, Expedia Media Solutions was able to secure 30% discounts at several Quito hotels.

The Results

The campaign proved to be a major win for Quito Turismo with substantial gains in all categories:

Airline Passengers
Airline Tickets
Room Nights
Hotel Gross Bookings
Ticket Gross Bookings

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