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Westin NYC


This independent hotel had 80% room night growth using display media on

The Opportunity

Hotels in New York City are typically busy year-round, especially in the springtime. The Westin New York City wanted to take advantage of the increased traffic with an ad-campaign that would boost their exposure amongst the large audience, and would lead to additional sales throughout the summer. As a part of the larger Starwood Hotels brand, the Westin New York City saw this as an opportunity to do a local campaign, rather than simply relying on the advertising efforts of Starwood.

The Solution

Westin New York City placed banner ads in multiple high-visibility locations across, including the Hotel results tab and the Vacation Packages results tab. The various ad placements were targeted towards shoppers searching for hotels in the New York City Metro area, as well as local airports.

The Results


During the month of May, the Westin New York City increased year-over-year room nights 80%, and hotel gross bookings by 73%—even though they were priced slightly higher than the competitive set. Due to the overwhelming success, the Westin New York City took the unusual step of pausing their campaign for two weeks, in an effort to defer some results to later months.

The campaign resumed in June with an even greater outcome, with a lift of 108 percent for room nights, and 86 percent for gross bookings. Overall the campaign delivered more than 500,000 impressions, with 1,801 Clicks and a 0.34% click-through rate.

YOY Gross Bookings Increase
YOY Room Nights

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