With PassportAds audience extension you can engage with travel shoppers while they’re still in the decision making process after they’ve left our sites. We partner with trusted, premium display ad networks to ensure your audience extension campaign only runs on high quality sites. 

Display Advertising

Reach your target audience across our network of sites with the sophisticated targeting capabilities of display advertising.

Sponsored Listings

TravelAds gives hoteliers the ability to create sponsored listings, providing targeted and premium placement alongside the search results.

Audience Extension

Use audience extension to continue to engage with our audience after they have left our sites.

Email Marketing

Send a targeted message directly to consumers through targeted email opportunities reaching millions of subscribers.

Social Media

Create a dialogue about your brand or destination and engage an affluent audience with our social media opportunities.


How It Works


Step 1: Identify the attributes driving conversion or engagement



Step 2: Find these and other users who show similar attributes offsite



Pre-Roll Video

Retarget Expedia travelers with rich, immersive :15 or :30 second pre-roll video ads when they are watching videos on sites like Hulu, YouTube, and major news sites.


Audience Extension Available On:

Expedia     Travelocity