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Creative Partnerships

Helping you reach your marketing goals by inspiring and engaging travelers across our global travel brands and beyond, our in-house creative agency, Creative Partnerships, create unique and compelling media experiences.

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Let Us Tell Your Story

Our team of passionate storytellers collaborates with your brand to create unique and compelling media experiences and are there with you at every step of the campaign from initial ideation to insights and learnings after the campaign ends, working alongside your media agency.

Interactive Experiences

We craft beautiful and interactive media experiences that push the boundaries of travel marketing. Our custom and tailored approach allows us to create experiences that help you tell your story and help travelers experience your brand from the first moment of inspiration.

Jordan Tourism & Interactive Concierge

Jordan Tourism Bureau wanted to encourage dispersal of travel beyond Petra as well as target specific audience segments. The Jordan Concierge platform provides an intelligent recommendation service that helps users decide where to visit, based on their likes and travel style.

Co-Brand Marketing

Our team of industry-leading travel marketers are pushing the boundaries to build the world's best travel brands. Through unique and compelling co-branded marketing partnerships, you can amplify and elevate your brand to the next level by engaging and inspiring travelers around the world.

Visit Britain & Kingsman: The Golden Circle

As part of our multi-year marketing partnership, Visit Britain leveraged the Kingsman film to encourage U.S. travelers to explore and discover Great Britain through the eyes of a spy through an interactive gamified journey.

Emerging Technology

Helping advertisers break through the noise to reach relevant travel shoppers with the use of new and emerging technologies. Our team is always thinking about ways to help advertisers differentiate their brands with high-impact and cutting edge technologies such as facial recognition and immersive video.

Hawai'i Tourism Authority & Facial Recognition

Using footage captured by drones via land, sea and sky, we created a 2 minute video that used custom built facial recognition software to analyze users’ preferences and serve tailored trip recommendations.


We produce compelling experiential marketing that leverages the best of both offline and online media experiences. We create, lead and execute distinctive and compelling experiential marketing campaigns that help drive lasting brand impact.

Arizona Tourism & Virtual Reality

To promote Arizona to adventure travellers in targeted US cities we partnered with Arizona Tourism to connect VR footage with a lower-funnel trip planning tool. The Adventure Meter Challenge allows users to discover an Arizona itinerary based on their desire for adventure.

Social Activations

Brands can tap into our valuable social fans and followers of our global travel brands. Whether it's a blog 'written' by the Travelocity Gnome, or a Twitter chat hosted by an influential travel blogger, we have many ways to engage our most loyal travel shoppers. 

Netherlands Tourism & Flock to Unlock

We challenged users to reveal a series of Van Gogh masterpieces through the power of tweets. As they tweeted, the painting revealed itself in real time. Once the tweet target was reached, prize trips to Holland were unlocked. The co-branded hub let users discover more about the events and book their own trips to Holland.

Video Production

Video is a powerful and immersive medium to engage and inspire travel shoppers. Our award-winning campaigns often use video to authentically tell advertisers' stories and showcase what their brand identity is all about.

Visit Denmark & Immersive Video

The interactive video puts the viewer in the driving seat to create their personalised itinerary for a day in Copenhagen through a virtual, first-person-view, cycle tour around the city. We amplified this with a social media competition encouraging people to share their personalised video itineraries with friends.

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From interactive experiences like gamification to social activation, and everything in between, you’ll read how Creative Partnerships helped other brands achieve their various marketing goals through innovative media experiences.

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