New Brand USA Campaign Inspires International Travelers to Explore the U.S. Through Sound

Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for the United States, has a mission to increase incremental international visitation to the United States. They plan to do just that in a new campaign, by inspiring travel and destination discovery by transporting people on a sound journey around the U.S. with just a pair of headphones.

Today, in collaboration with Brand USA, we launched a bespoke, interactive content hub that brings the vibrancy and diversity of the U.S. to life through immersive 3D audio experiences, and inspires potential travelers to explore, plan and book a trip to the dynamic destination. As a part of a multi-year partnership, this launch is a pilot program in four markets including Canada, Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

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“Sound Travels,” is our first integrated marketing campaign utilizing 3D audio, which will change the way international travelers discover the wide variety of destinations and experiences available in the U.S. Sound Travels is part of a two-year campaign to promote international travel to the U.S. The focus on sound aligns with Brand USA’s new IMAX Film,America’s Musical Journey,” which explores America’s history through the lens of music and sound.

On the hub, users can immerse themselves in the unique, compelling sounds of various locations and activities waiting to be experienced in the U.S., including Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami and more. Visitors are prompted to connect their headphones – no special equipment required – and select their preferred auditory experience. While the selected 3D audio clip plays, an on-screen animation dissolves into a first-person point of view photo, revealing the selected experience and allowing users to also visualize themselves in the experience they’re hearing. After listening to their selected sounds, visitors are presented with custom travel recommendations based on their personal sound and activity preferences.

Visitors can also explore additional destination content on the hub, including editorial-style articles, photos, suggested itineraries and special deals and promotions, and filter their preferences by 3D audio playlists or locations. To support Brand USA’s objective of increased engagement and international visitation, the bespoke campaign hub also features an integrated booking widget to help potential travelers move from inspiration to exploration to booking.

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Running through June 30, 2018, the digital campaign functions seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices, and targets consumers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom with display advertising reaching verified travelers on Expedia, and social media content. Co-branded TV spots, airing in Mexico through August 31, 2018, will explore Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami through the lens of sound and music.

Sound Travels was concepted by the Creative Partnerships team, Expedia Media Solutions’ in-house creative agency, who collaborated with Create Future to bring the innovative 3D audio campaign to life for Brand USA. The state-of-the-art 3D audio was recorded and produced by Clatter&Din, a Seattle-based production company.

Hari Nair

SVP & GM Account Management, Expedia Group

Hari is the SVP & GM Account Management with Expedia Group. Previously, Hari was the senior vice president of Expedia Group Media Solutions, the digital advertising arm of Expedia Group for four years. In that role, Hari Nair oversaw all facets of the business globally including product development and execution, engineering, operations, marketing, media sales and business development. Prior to that role, Hari was vice president and general manager of and, responsible for overseeing retail operations and profitability of the business, brand strategy, marketing efficiency, and customer lifecycle management. Hari joined Expedia Group in 2002, and has managed and led market management operations in a variety of offices, including Dallas, New York and London. He also oversaw the company’s hotel supplier relations and directed lodging strategy and business for North America. Prior to joining Expedia, Hari worked in corporate training and food and beverage operations at Oberoi Hotels, a leading luxury hotel chain that owns and manages thirty hotels and five luxury cruisers across six countries under the ‘Oberoi’ & ‘Trident’ brands. Hari holds a master’s degree in Hotel Management from Cornell University.

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