Experience Beats Expense for Latin American and North American Family Travelers

Expedia Group Media Solutions Data Reveals Finding the Lowest Price is Not a Leading Priority for Families Traveling with Gen Alpha

Bellevue, September 4, 2019 – When it comes to family travel, getting the best deal or lowest price isn’t a top priority for travelers from Latin America and North America – it’s all about activities, safety, and memorable experiences, according to new custom research from Expedia Group™ Media Solutions, the advertising organization of Expedia Group.

When booking a family trip with Generation Alpha (children born 2010 or after), Latin American and North American travelers universally prioritize going somewhere with activities for the entire family, like theme parks and water activities, however, the opportunity to entice family travelers goes beyond major attractions. Travelers from both regions look for museums when planning a family trip (45%), while 46% of North Americans look for dining experiences and 41% of Latin Americans look for guided tours.

The Latin American vs. North American Travel Trends study, conducted by Northstar Research Partners, explores Gen Alpha’s influence on family travel in Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the U.S., looking closely at family travel attitudes and priorities. The research offers insight into how content and information are influencing Gen Alpha, and the subsequent impact on family travel considerations and decisions. Across both regions, 60% said travel ideas come from both adults and children, with nearly 4 in 10 saying Gen Alpha influences family trip decisions.

In Latin America and North America, adults said that imagery or information highlighting kid-friendly activities or attractions influences Gen Alpha’s travel opinions. So, how is Gen Alpha influencing family trip planning?

  • In Latin America, 75% of parents and grandparents said Gen Alpha show them online content, compared to only 59% in North America.
  • Latin American Gen Alpha are 26% more likely than North American Gen Alpha to use TV commercials to show adults places they want to go, and 50% more likely to influence family trip planning with ads they saved from publications.
  • Nearly half of Latin Americans said Gen Alpha’s travel opinions are influenced by travel-related imagery or information they see on TV or online, compared to approximately 26% in North America.
  • Latin American Gen Alphas are savvy smartphone users too, watching entertainment videos on their smartphone (80%) and looking at travel content (45%).

“Gen Alpha is the first truly digitally native generation, and the impact of this is especially prominent in Latin America,” said Jennifer Andre, Senior Director, Business Development at Expedia Group Media Solutions. “Latin American Gen Alphas are using digital devices to stay connected, entertained and informed, and they’re more likely to use online content to influence family trip planning. We anticipate that Gen Alpha device usage and content consumption will continue to increase in the years ahead, as will their influence on family travel decisions.”

On the Go with Gen Alpha

Latin American travelers take more family trips per year (2.7) than North American travelers (2.3 trips), but Brazilian and Canadian travelers take the longest family trips – more than 8 days in duration, and 2 days longer than travelers from the U.S. and Mexico.

Approximately 87% of travelers said they plan their family trips around school breaks or holidays, which likely impacts trip length. Visiting friends and family, and family play vacations, are the most popular trips for North American family travelers, while Latin Americans prefer relaxing or family play vacations. Nearly 50% of Brazilians opt for sightseeing vacations with their family.

Family Travel Considerations

Only 3 in 10 family travelers have a destination in mind when they first decide to take a trip, and 7 in 10 are open to help and inspiration when planning a trip. Marketers can help influence family travel decisions with appealing images and practical content like reviews, information and deals.

Destination selection and activities are top considerations for family trips. In the U.S. and Canada, Gen Alpha also influences the trip duration and hotel choice, whereas Brazilians are more likely to consider transportation to their destination. Air travel is the preferred transportation for Canadian, Mexican and Brazilian family travelers, while traditional road trips are alive and well in the U.S., primarily due to affordability.

Family travelers are more likely to stay in hotels, with location and family needs weighing heavily in their accommodation decision. Compared to general leisure travelers, those traveling with Gen Alpha are at least two times more likely to stay in a vacation rental.

Key Insights & Marketing Takeaways

  • Family travel planning is collaborative. With ideas coming from both Gen Alpha and adults, look for opportunities to make travel research and planning an interactive, fun and easy experience for the entire family. Using family-friendly content and messaging will go a long way in reaching these travelers.
  • Entertainment and happiness for all. Marketing content with messaging or visuals highlighting fun for all ages – especially for activities, experiences and attractions – is an effective way to appeal to family travelers from both regions.
  • Convenience over lowest price. Lead with convenience-driven messaging around top family travel considerations, such as location, family needs or proximity to nearby attractions – rooted in a great deal to make the booking decision even easier.

More Travel Marketing Insights

For more data and insights that marketers can leverage to better reach, engage and convert family travelers from Latin America and North America, and to view the full Latin American vs. North American Travel Trends study, please visit the Expedia Group Media Solutions website. Check out our blog and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more travel trends and insights, and stay tuned for additional research throughout the year.

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