Co-op campaigns

Co-Op marketing campaigns are a collective advertising effort made by multiple brands with common marketing goals. Unite with complementary advertisers to extend and amplify your marketing spend.

Why co-op campaigns?

Create a bigger impact with our co-op campaigns, where we connect complementary destinations, hotels, airlines and more to engage jointly with travel shoppers and drive demand

Easy and simple

We do the heavy lifting of securing strategic partners, producing creative and organizing logistics to simplify and build the right campaign for all.

Flexible and customizable

Co-Op Campaigns are flexible and customizable to any collective goal.

Powerful targeting

Reach exactly the right shopper with our powerful, custom audience targeting.

Better Together: A Guide to co-op campaigns

Are you trying to reach your ideal customer, but need your budget to go further? A collaborative approach with other related marketers might be the perfect solution. Learn more about how we can help design a Co-Op Campaign for you.

Discover how a co-op campaign for Kyushu increased demand by 40%

Kyushu, the southernmost region of Japan, is internationally famous for its bustling cities, pork ramen, and rejuvenating hot springs. Dubbed the “Rome of Japan,” it is also known as an early center for Japanese civilization. To set their region apart from better known tourist destinations, ten cities within the region collaborated on a co-op campaign with Expedia Group Media Solutions.

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