PassportAds Audience Extension

Stay top of mind with travel shoppers, no matter where they are online, with PassportAds Audience Extension.

Reach travelers across the web

People are online and consuming more digital content than ever before. Stay top of mind with travel shoppers wherever they venture across the internet with PassportAds Audience Extension.

PassportAds are powered by our exclusive Expedia Group first-party travel intent data, which takes into account traveler searches for destinations, accommodations, activities, and much more.

Reach Your Marketing Goals

Whether you want to drive awareness or increase bookings, PassportAds Audience Extension supports your digital marketing goals with proven effectiveness and efficiency.

Custom Audience Targeting

Reach exactly the right shopper with our powerful, custom audience targeting.

Media Expert Support

Our dedicated team of media experts will be there at every step of the campaign process, whether it’s creating the best media planning and strategy or it’s producing relevant creative

Reaching travelers wherever they may be

Find out more about PassportAds features and benefits:

Using PassportAds Audience Extension allows travel marketers to bridge the gap and effectively target potential customers across the entire purchase journey.

  • Learn how PassportAds helps you reach travelers around the web
  • Discover how to reach highly qualified shoppers with custom audience segments
  • Explore how other advertisers are using PassportAds to drive results

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