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TravelAds is a proven pay-per-click hotel advertising platform designed to connect your hotel with a highly engaged travel audience through sponsored listings on Expedia Groups websites

Standing Out in a Saturated Market

TravelAds Sponsored Listings is a self-service hotel advertising solution designed to help your hotel stand out to potential customers. Drive more room nights and partner with our team of trusted advisors to maximize your bookings and revenue by reaching the right traveler at the right time. 

TravelAds Product Offerings

Driving Room Nights & Profitability
Reaching a Qualified Traveler Audience
Tailored to Your Needs

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Starting at just $0.25 per click, set your cost-per-click (CPC) and Daily Budget to a number you’re comfortable with to gauge how TravelAds Sponsored Listings can help you reach your hotel advertising goals. You can make adjustments at any time, and you’ll only get charged when a customer clicks on your sponsored listing.

Target a Travel Audience

TravelAds offers you an advanced suite of targeting capabilities that open up targeting by country of origin, booking windows, and more. It also allows for customized ad copy to show off your unique selling points.

Maximize Exposure

Your sponsored listing appears in a premium placement alongside hotel search results—in addition to your organic listing. They increase your exposure, build brand awareness, and maximize your opportunity to convert our travel audience.

Expert Support Team

  • TravelAds advanced suite of targeting capabilities enables you to target your travel audience by:
  • Country of origin to attract international travelers and extend length of stay
  • Booking window and length of stay to fill slower seasons, weekdays, and last-minute occupancy demands
  • Customize ad copy to show off your unique offerings
  • And more!

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