Connect with your target audience

Reach the right traveler at the right time with our precise targeted advertising capabilities. 

Targeted advertising solutions 

Expedia Group Media Solutions provides the ability to create digital marketing strategies with custom audience segments that target your ideal traveler. Our exclusive first-party travel intent and booking data provides in-depth insights into traveler behavior and travel trends.

Targeted advertising solutions give you the leverage you need to make the most of your ad spend when trying to reach the right traveler. And our targeting options are flexible, allowing you to retarget specific travelers throughout your campaign.  

Audience targeting

Every traveler is different, making it difficult to reach the millions of travelers searching and looking across our 200+ travel websites every day. Find out how you can use a variety of targeting options to reach and engage with your ideal travelers.

Travel advertising solutions

Our full-funnel suite of solutions helps you reach your target audience at scale and with ease. Get guidance from our digital experts on how our solutions and data insights help you engage, influence, and convert travelers. 

How we target travelers 

Our targeting capabilities use in-depth traveler intent data collection to understand traveler trends and behaviors in the following categories: 

Travel geography

Based on traveler origin, destination, and more

Airline attributes

Target travelers based on how they book

Trip details

Dive into travelers’ start and end dates, trip duration, and more

Hotel attributes

Understand traveler booking choices, from amenities and and ratings to property type

Device based

Connect with travelers where they’re looking and booking

Car and cruise attributes

Understand travelers look when booking car rentals and cruises

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