Travel Spotlights

Travel Spotlights encourage travel shoppers to explore and engage with your brand through elegant and impactful premium landing page experiences.

Why Travel Spotlights?

With Travel Spotlights, you can persuade travel shoppers that your brand is the one to consider. Partner with our award-winning in-house agency to produce bespoke and customized landing page experiences for your customers.

Proven Premium Experiences

Developed by our award-winning Creative Partnerships team, Travel Spotlights are simple and elegant “shop-windows” where your brand can focus on the best it has to offer to inspire, influence, and engage travel shoppers.

Variety of Solutions Available

There are a variety of Travel Spotlights available and accessible to all – from flowing narratives in the form of articles, to suggested itineraries and engaging quizzes. Our team of digital media experts will identify the solutions that best fit your brand’s goals and needs.


With Travel Spotlights, you can reimagine and retell stories in refreshingly new ways. Or if you need help with new ideas and content, our team of digital media experts can work with you so your brand can stand out from the very beginning.

Discover Travel Spotlights


Features single or multiple images on a customized landing page, with creative designed to highlight your brand and appeal to your customers.


Showcase why a travel shopper should consider your destination or brand by featuring key experiences that stand out.


Travel shoppers are always looking for inspiration for their next trip. Tell travel shoppers your brand’s unique story through the Article.


Help travel shoppers discover and explore what your destination or brand has to offer with the Itinerary. Feature your destination’s hidden gems or timeless attractions.


Through the Quiz, travel Shoppers can engage with your brand through interactive questions all while capturing their preferences and declared data. 


Features a single or multiple video(s). ​

Travel Spotlights Available On:

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