Welcoming 2020: a Year of Teamwork and Collaboration

2019 was a year of extraordinary change and transformation; one of the things we have seen reinforced time and time again is that we are stronger together. We have launched more campaigns, presented our thought leadership from more stages and helped more advertisers connect with more travel shoppers than ever before. These efforts would have been impossible without strong collaboration across our enterprise, comprising of teams across product, engineering team, yield and analytics, finance, strategy, marketing, sales, and our learning and development team. AdEng_team_lunch_endofyearpost

2020 kicks off a new decade and as I reflect on both the last year and the last decade, I am struck by our tremendous growth and evolution of Media Solutions. Like many of your businesses, Media Solutions has undergone enormous amounts of change over the last ten years. I don’t see that change and growth pattern letting up any time soon. But I do know that what got us here will not get us to where we aspire to be—which is precisely why we continue to evolve.


What will help us evolve and thereby continue to build on our past successes? Among many things, I predict it will include doubling down on collaboration. Not just collaboration across our teams, but collaboration with our advertising partners. Our advertising partners are experts in their own businesses and have insights and ideas that help us constantly improve and better serve them with products and reporting. The more seamlessly we work with one another and with advertisers, the better we become.

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I am so grateful for the relationships we have been able to cultivate and nurture with our partners. The feedback we get from them is invaluable in helping us improve. You may have heard that we see feedback as a gift and in this season of gratitude and gift giving, I want to reassure you that there is nothing I appreciate more than honest and actionable feedback. It is your feedback that creates the potential for learning and improvement.


We crossed some major milestones this year and I am eager to see what 2020 holds. As we close out 2019, I want to express my deep gratitude for the whole Media Solutions team. I am privileged to lead this great team and look forward to the amazing things we will accomplish together—thanks to teamwork and collaboration in 2020.

Hari Nair

SVP & GM Account Management, Expedia Group

Hari is the SVP & GM Account Management with Expedia Group. Previously, Hari was the senior vice president of Expedia Group Media Solutions, the digital advertising arm of Expedia Group for four years. In that role, Hari Nair oversaw all facets of the business globally including product development and execution, engineering, operations, marketing, media sales and business development. Prior to that role, Hari was vice president and general manager of Orbitz.com and CheapTickets.com, responsible for overseeing retail operations and profitability of the business, brand strategy, marketing efficiency, and customer lifecycle management. Hari joined Expedia Group in 2002, and has managed and led market management operations in a variety of offices, including Dallas, New York and London. He also oversaw the company’s hotel supplier relations and directed lodging strategy and business for North America. Prior to joining Expedia, Hari worked in corporate training and food and beverage operations at Oberoi Hotels, a leading luxury hotel chain that owns and manages thirty hotels and five luxury cruisers across six countries under the ‘Oberoi’ & ‘Trident’ brands. Hari holds a master’s degree in Hotel Management from Cornell University.

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