Travelers Take Virtual Road Trip to Unlock the Unexpected Side of Texas

The common misconceptions that Texas is all about cowboys and country music are challenged in a new integrated digital campaign from Travel Texas and Expedia Group Media Solutions, in collaboration with Proof Advertising. “Discover More Texas” encourages U.S. travelers to take a virtual road trip across Texas to uncover and experience the unexpected side of Texas’ cuisine, landscape, culture and city experiences.


“Discover More Texas” engages users through rich content and exclusive video clips revealed along a 4-week digital journey through four distinct travel themes: family fun, food, outdoors, and city experiences. Leveraging Twitter’s ‘Instant Unlock Card’ format, users can tweet the campaign hashtag, #DiscoverMoreTexas, to reveal exclusive video clips that show unexpected Texas experiences and unveil the diversity of the region. Each Unlock Card will feature themed content, and a new content theme is available when user engagement reaches various thresholds.

The campaign’s custom content microsite displays a real-time progress bar, showing how many entries – made by tweets or via email directly from the site – are needed for the current target to unlock themed content on the site. Once a milestone has been reached, a video related to that theme is revealed. Users can explore unlocked content on the site, which includes additional imagery and mini-articles that showcase the unexpected sides of Texas and highlight recommended activities and destinations within the four travel themes. To help potential visitors book a trip to Texas, the microsite also links off to travel deals and packages on Expedia.


While the campaign leverages the same “Flock to Unlock” mechanic used in previous Expedia Group Media Solutions campaigns, it is the first to use Unlock Cards on Twitter, which allow users to reveal exclusive content directly on Twitter when they tweet the campaign hashtag. For example, imagine seeing an image of a steak, an expected Texan dish, and then, after sending a tweet from that image, unlocking a short video on the fine dining and international cuisine available in Texas.

To further engage U.S. travelers, the campaign is supported by PassportAds, which allow Travel Texas to reach qualified Expedia shoppers wherever they browse and book on the internet, and dedicated Expedia emails.

Once the 20,000-tweet threshold is unlocked, participants who tweeted or entered by email via the microsite are entered to win a grand prize trip to Texas.

Join the #DiscoverMoreTexas journey now and start tweeting to experience a different side of Texas