How Advertisers Use Co-Op Campaigns to Produce Results

I’ve been in the travel industry for over twenty years. Prior to joining Expedia Group, I worked for a hotel chain across multiple destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Having worked in both online travel and hotels, I’m able to recognize and understand clients’ needs. Throughout my experience, I’ve seen brands use many strategies to succeed. However, one strategy that’s proven useful time and again is collaboration.

What do I mean by collaboration? One way that we see powerful collaboration is by bringing brands together in a custom campaign to help all participants achieve their goals. To do this, we’ve made collaboration the cornerstone of one of our solutions: Co-Op Campaigns. You can read about these campaigns in detail in our new guide, Better Together:The Power of Co-Op Campaigns. Below, are some of the highlights from that guide.

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How Co-Op Campaigns work

Co-Ops are an exclusive, collective advertising effort by multiple brands with common marketing goals. They unite like-minded advertisers to purchase display advertising that drives to a custom landing page showcasing the participating brands. These high-impact, customized campaigns are designed around a unifying theme.

This video offers a look inside how Co-Op campaigns can connect your brand with like-minded advertisers and help create a high-impact campaign.

Participating brands also have access to a host of services, such as extended audience reach, insights derived from our first-party data, and expertise from our internal teams. When it comes to who can participate in them, it’s a first come, first serve basis. However, Co-Ops aren’t limited by the size or industry of a brand. I’ve seen airlines work with hotels, hotels work with destination marketing organizations (DMOs), and other cross-industry partnerships. Likewise, some of the best successes I’ve seen have been with brands in the same industry and even the same location. Whatever the case, one of my favorite features of Co-Op campaigns is that they have the versatility to unite brands around a common goal and maximize marketing outcomes.

Co-Op Campaign Example

Co-Op Campaigns have had some early success in my region (Latin America). One that comes to mind is a campaign we ran with the Jamaica Tourism Board (JTB). Their goal was to win wintertime business in the Caribbean for Jamaica.

They worked with us on a winter sale campaign as part of a co-funded, Co-Op Campaign. It targeted travelers in the U.S. across, Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Hotwire, and

One of the benefits of Co-Ops is that they have access to sophisticated targeting and insights based on our first-party data. In this case, our digital media experts determined that the holiday season is one of the peak windows for travel purchases to the Caribbean from the U.S. Consequently, our experts used our targeting capabilities to reach travelers in key U.S. regions during the holiday season. Finally, we also targeted shoppers who were searching for Jamaica and its competing destinations. These enhanced tactics not only helped the campaign reach the right customers at the right time, they also shifted market share away from competing destinations.

“The team at Expedia Group goes above and beyond! They take on the extra that produces extraordinary results, and we have the production numbers to speak for the success of this campaign.” — Jamaica Tourism Board Official

Another feature all Co-Op participants receive is a dedicated landing page. For the JTB, their custom landing page contained attractive imagery and a description of the booking offers. Display media ran on the search results pages for vacation packages, hotels, and flights. Additionally, because of the co-funded resources of the Co-Op, the winter sale campaign was able to launch a site takeover on Travelocity on Cyber Monday.

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The campaign saw outstanding success. It not only drove revenue, it also gave the participating hotels increased exposure and bookings, proving the value of the JTB and the Co-Op campaign.

To learn more about Co-Op Campaigns, download the guide: Better Together: Co-Op Campaigns.

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Ana Paradela

Director, Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions

As director of business development for Expedia Group Media Solutions, Ana Paradela oversees the regions of Latin America, Mexico and Caribbean and is responsible for managing, motivating and coaching a team of travel marketing consultants. Ana has over 17 years of combined experience in the travel, hospitality and digital media sales. Prior to Expedia, Ana worked at Palace Resorts as a Senior Sales Manager leading the Sales team in North America for 10 years.

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