Traveler Sentiment & Influences Study Infographics

We surveyed thousands of travelers across 11 countries to understand how the pandemic has impacted the hearts and minds of travelers around the world. Explore how traveler sentiment varies from country to country.

Regional Infographics & Insights

We are here to support you through this crisis with data-driven insights and actionable takeaways. These insights, fueled by our custom research and unique Expedia Group data, can help you understand the travelers who are dreaming of their next trip and are coming to our trusted Expedia Group brands around the world to explore, research, and begin booking again.

Infographic and Insights on the Americas

Latin American travelers are more optimistic than North American travelers about future travel, with Canadian travelers needing the most reassurance.

Infographic and Insights on Europe

Our research in Europe indicates that about half of French travelers are optimistic about traveling in 2021, but Italian, German, and UK travelers need more reassurance.

Infographic and Insights on Asia Pacific

Chinese travelers are more optimistic about travel in 2021 than Australian travelers, with Japanese travelers needing the most reassurance.

Global Infographic

The Traveler Sentiment & Influences Study looked at many types of travel and which factors influence destination, accommodation, and transportation decisions. Respondents represented a variety of generations and demographics.

Get a sense of how travelers around the world are thinking and feeling about travel by checking out the global infographic.

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