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Co-Op Campaigns combine display advertising with custom landing pages to enable multiple advertisers to extend their marketing spend together. Maximize your brand’s exposure on an exclusive landing page with highly targeted display ads that align with your marketing budget and business objectives.

Co-Op Campaigns   

Better Together

Combined purchasing power creates an even bigger impact. Extend your marketing impact while aligning with marketing budgets and business objectives.

Flexible and Customizable

Whether your goal is to drive awareness and engagement or increase bookings and conversions, Co-Op Campaigns are flexible and customizable to your marketing goals.

Reach Relevant Audiences

With millions of searches on our global network of sites, we offer sophisticated targeting based on our first-party travel intent and booking data. Powered by audience segmentation that can be highly customized, advertisers can reach the right consumer with the right message at the right time.

Co-Op Campaign Guide

Co-Op Campaigns are designed with your marketing goals in mind. They enable you to extend your marketing spend by partnering with other advertisers.

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