Submission Guidelines

Campaign Timeline

We’re thrilled to work with you on a customized campaign, and our team of digital marketing experts will consult with you to ensure a smooth and successful launch.

Here’s what you can expect during the campaign process:

  1. Your Expedia Campaign Manager sends you an email to request assets and outline the production requirements.
  2. Send your creative assets to your Expedia Campaign Manager.
  3. Your campaign is created.
  4. You receive a proof of your campaign and send approval back to your Expedia Campaign Manager.
  5. Campaign launches!

Submission Deadlines

Client provided ads must be submitted two (2) full business days prior to campaign start date. If the ads are not created by the client, ads must be submitted seven (7) full business days prior to campaign start date allowing time for design, production and review. Campaigns involving more complex elements such as Jump Pages, Sponsorships, Emails, or Rich Media (Video or Dynamic) require creative assets to be submitted twelve (12) to fifteen (15) full business days prior to campaign start date. Please contact your Expedia Campaign Manager to discuss the submission deadlines for your specific campaign.

Expedia Media Solutions has established these submission deadlines to ensure that sound technical creative are delivered to our users. While Expedia strives to process ad creative as quickly as possible, this lead time provides the opportunity to identify, address and resolve creative issues before implementation. Lead times may be extended if significant or numerous issues must be resolved before implementation.

Creative Refresh

Ads take up to two (2) business days to implement changes and Jump Pages take up to seven (7) business days to implement changes.

Click-through URLs

After clicking on any ad unit, users must be able to return to Expedia, Inc. sites by clicking on the browser’s back button. Any destination URLs that result in a trap door effect (i.e. the user cannot return to Expedia, Inc. sites by clicking the browser’s “Back” button), are not permitted. User clicks cannot launch stand-alone video/audio players or otherwise display content outside the standard browser window. User clicks on ad creative may not result in the launch of multiple browser windows. Ad creative cannot launch windows when served. Ad creative can launch a new browser window upon user click.

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