Checking-In: Houston Hotelier Navigates Challenging Times and Finds Success

The past 18 months have been challenging for so many in the hotel industry. Our “Checking In” videos spotlight key advertising partners to understand how they navigate such challenges and find success. In this edition we check in with Brandon Romero, the Area General Manager of PA Hospitality, to hear how he prioritizes his people and adjusted his marketing strategy to drive demand even during the global pandemic. Watch the video and then read on to find how Brandon continues to look ahead to a post-pandemic world. The approach Brandon takes can be a learning for us all who care deeply about helping the hotel industry recover and rebuild.

Brandon Romero of PA Hospitality tells us how TravelAds helped his business

Looking to the Post-Pandemic World

But what of the future? We recently caught up with Brandon again to hear his views as vaccine programs are gradually bringing COVID-19 under control.

“We understand the pandemic will forever change the way the world does business,” Brandon responded when asked on his views of a post-pandemic world. “There will certainly be a great need for overnight accommodations, for conventions and so on. Our approach will need to be different and we will need to leverage tools and resources we may not have in the past.”

TravelAds to Remain

Looking at how Brandon’s business, PA Hospitality, will work with Expedia Group Media Solutions once the pandemic subsides, it was clear that TravelAds will remain part of the partner’s strategy: “I believe TravelAds will be something we continue to utilize, as the business and leisure traveler became more savvy during the pandemic and turned to online travel agents. Companies cut costs with partners such as their travel agencies and when needing to travel they utilized sources such as Expedia.” Brandon went on to explain “With TravelAds, we are able to be at the forefront for our locations and top of mind for travelers, making it a clear choice to communicate the right messaging to target guests.”

However, Brandon sees plenty of scope to update and tailor that messaging broadcast via TravelAds, as the situation evolves. As he confirmed, “I will cater my message towards the needs of my hotel and need periods for the best results.” This is where Media Solutions’ team of trusted advisors can step in, providing expert advice–supported by unique data insights—to inform partners like Brandon and optimize their messaging.

Examining Further Tactics

But it’s not only TravelAds that Brandon sees as providing value to PA Hospitality. “At this time, we are exploring other options that we may benefit from with Media Solutions to maximize our revenue and remain ahead.” And certainly, there’s much more in Media Solutions’ offering for hotel partners such as PA Hospitality, from our various display advertising options to our cost-efficient Co-Op Campaigns. Brandon also called out his hotel’s presence on Expedia Group’s brands as a notable benefit for their business. As he explains, “We are exposed to many more travelers. Many more guests are searching various brands when needing to stay in one area versus one brand website.”

All of this goes to show that Media Solutions has the power to help hotel partners succeed when conditions are challenging, and also as situations improve. To learn more about how the wider travel industry is steadily recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, download our Q3 2021 Travel Recovery Trend Report.

Haley White

Director of Business Development, Expedia Group Media Solutions

As a Director of Business Development, Haley is responsible for growing Expedia Group Media Solutions’ sponsored listing business across North America. She has been with Media Solutions and part of the TravelAds team for ten years. Prior to becoming director, she managed a team that was focused on growing sponsored listings throughout the East Coast of the United States and within LATAM. She got her start in multimedia advertising with news and media outlets in the United States. Haley is a graduate of Texas A&M University and lives in Dallas, Texas with her family.

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