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When you work with Expedia Group Media Solutions, we help you inspire, engage, and convert hundreds of millions of travelers across our global network of travel websites and apps. Get in touch with one of our digital advertising experts today to find out how you can use our first-party data insights and advertising solutions to create compelling advertising campaigns.

The value of first-party data

Drawing from billions of data points, we know more about traveler behavior and trends than anyone else. 

Exclusive first-party data

We collect data from millions of travelers across the globe to give you up-to-date and exclusive insights for your campaigns. 

Cookieless world

There’s no need to rely on third-party data to create advertising campaigns tailored to the travelers you’re trying to reach. 


Robust targeting capabilities that use first-party data to build powerful custom audience segments.

Advertising solutions designed to meet the needs of the travel industry 

We offer solutions that work for every industry to deliver the results you’re looking for.  


Connect with millions of travelers across our 200+ travel websites, stand out from the competition, and increase room bookings.  


Drive economic value, encourage travelers to book your destination, and bring your destination to life with custom digital tourism solutions. 


Build brand awareness, attract first-time cruise travelers, and increase consideration of key destinations. 

Car rentals

Drive traffic to your car rental pages and increase transactions and car rental days. 

Airline & airport

Increase airline bookings, boost your airline’s brand, and raise average ticket sales/

Financial services

Build stronger brand awareness around payment type, increase card usage, and advertise travel card promotions. 

Work with globally recognized travel brands

When you advertise with Expedia Group Media Solutions, we help you connect with travelers across the globe. And with more than 20 years of experience, we’re experts when it comes to providing you with the advertising solutions you need to meet your goals. 

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For media inquiries only, contact Expedia Group.  

How can my business partner with Expedia Group? 

Using different Media Solutions products enabled us to capture several market opportunities and connect with travelers through all stages of their journey, ultimately driving a near 600% increase in room nights.

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If you’re ready to bring your advertising campaign to the next level, get in touch with one of our digital experts today to find out how our full-funnel suite of solutions can work for you.