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Traveler interests, influences and decision drivers are constantly changing. Our guides and reports point marketers in the right direction with key insights into the latest travel trends, strategies and solutions to connect with travelers and meet your goals.  

The Path to Purchase

Uncovering how travelers plan and book online

The way people are inspired to travel, research, and book trips has changed in recent years. To fully understand this, we conducted a custom survey and digital research on traveler behaviors throughout the online shopping journey. 

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Path to Purchase 2023

Insights to help drive demand 

Millions of travelers across the globe access our Expedia Group travel sites. Use our data-driven insights, expertise and solutions to capture their attention as they explore, research and book travel. 

Destination marketing

As travel demand continues to rise, destination marketers need insights and creative campaigns to resonate with travelers. Find the right data-driven strategies and solutions for your destination.

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Traveler Value Index 2023

Our latest global custom study explores shifts in traveler preferences and the differences between consumer expectations and industry perceptions.

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Sustainable Travel Study

Understand how 11,000 people across the globe define, consider and demand sustainable options when booking travel.

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Marketing solutions that work

As travel demand remains constant, it’s important for marketers to stay on top of the latest travel and tourism trends.  

We help advertisers execute data-driven campaigns that take advantage of our robust full-funnel suite of solutions. From hotel advertising designed to increase occupancy to custom campaigns that create compelling and immersive destination experiences, we can help you build strategies that target the right traveler at the right time to capture their attention and drive demand.  

Success stories

See how marketers across the globe have tapped into our data and creative solutions for compelling campaigns that successfully connect with travelers.

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On-demand webinars

Learn from our experts about the latest traveler insights, the uptick in consumer interest in sustainable travel, strategies and solutions to connect with travelers, and more.

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Connect with our digital media consultants to learn how to best engage, influence, and convert your target travel audience