How Sustained Enthusiasm for Travel Underscores the Importance of Inclusivity 

Originally published by Skift in September 2022. 

In this video from Skift Global Forum 2022, we hear from Jennifer Andre, vice president, business development of Expedia Group Media Solutions, on travelers’ evolving preferences, the return of international travel, and the importance of inclusivity in advertising.

In this video:

  • New research: Driven by pent-up demand and a strong U.S. dollar, American consumers are taking big trips again. Travel search volumes are up across the Expedia platform: From Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, global searches increased 25 percent. 
  • Cities are back: New York City, Paris, and London are among 2022’s most popular destinations. Travelers are traveling internationally again, particularly to major cities in Europe. Virtually all Covid testing requirements have been lifted, and travelers are taking “revenge trips” in response to wanderlust and a strong economy. Long-haul trips were up 50 percent in Q2 2022. 
  • Traveler motivations: Consumers want travel offerings that appeal to all types of travelers. The current transitional, post-pandemic period presents a monumental opportunity for the travel industry to support more inclusive, responsible travel. 
  • Key takeaways: Travel demand remains strong and steady. Travelers are shopping internationally again, and they want meaningful, inclusive experiences that will connect them with a wide range of people and learning opportunities within a destination. 

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The current climate of geopolitical turmoil and economic uncertainty is undeniable — but even so, travel demand is stronger than ever. Travelers want more inclusive travel offerings and advertising that reflects a wide range of identities. Travelers are cognizant of whether a travel offering is inclusive or not, and seven in 10 research respondents said they would choose one destination or travel offering over another if they felt it was more inclusive — and would be willing to pay more for it. Seventy-eight percent of respondents said they have made a travel choice based on promotions or ads they felt represented them in messaging and/or visuals. 

In this video from Skift Global Forum 2022, Jennifer Andre, vice president, business development of Expedia Group Media Solutions, delves into Expedia’s recent inclusivity-centered consumer research and provides stellar examples of creative, inclusive destination campaigns for London and Panama. The travel industry must renew their commitment to inclusivity and introduce more accessible offerings which appeal to all types of travelers. In doing so, the sector can seize the opportunity — and accept its responsibility — to create a return to travel that is even better than before. 

We are always aiming to share the most up-to-date, actionable insights from our first-party Expedia Group search and booking data as well as our custom research. If you are interested in learning more about the trends we shared at Skift Global Forum, make sure to download our latest Traveler Insights Report and our Inclusive Travel Insights Report.  

This article was created collaboratively by Expedia Group Media Solutions and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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